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Ceské Budejovice, the church and monastery of Maria Sacrifice in south Bohemia, Czech Republic huismanfoto

Churches and Monasteries
cathedral of Morella, Spain

Malaga cathedral altar

            For me  as a believing Christian, monasteries and churches have always been a very important item. As a student I made a study of gothic churches in the Netherlands. But also from the artistic and photographic point of view they are - even as a ruin - a wonderful scene!! The vaulted arches and pillars are impressive to get a good shot. The beautiful altar-pieces, pulpits and (wall)paintings show a deep religious devotion and artistic talents as hardly ever seen before!! Realising how many years or even centuries ago these churches, kathedrals and monasteries have been built. What an inspiring believe!!
             Anyway - what would our world be without the religous expressions in music and architecture!! Not only Michaelangelo, but also Bach and so many others!! It should make us humble in our modern time of engines and electronics!! It is this admiration that I would like to share with you in the following albums and pages!!

inside the cathedral of Valencia, Spain

NEW Page:
Churches and monasteries of Spain
churches in Germany

Churches Brittany, France:
Album 1209 Dol-de-Bretagne cathedral Saint-Samson 1 
1210-2    1211-3    1212-4
Album 1213 Rennes cathedral St-Pierre 1    1214-2
Album 1215 Bretagne Tréguier cathedral St-Tugdual 1  1216-2  1217-3
Album 1218 Bretagne Vitré Notre-Dame 1   1219-2   1220-3
Album 1221 Bretagne Vitré Saint-Martin 1    1222-2
Album 1223 Rennes Notre-Dame Melaine
Album 1224 Bretagne Lamballe Notre-Dame
Album 1225 Bretagne Guingamp basilica Notre-Dame 1  1226-2  1227-3
Album 1228 Bretagne Dinan Saint-Malo 1   1229-2
Album 1230 Bretagne Dinan St-Sauveur 1   1231-2   1232-3
Album 1233 Bretagne Fougères St-Sulpice 1    1234-2
Album 1235 Bretagne Fougères St-Léonard 1   1236-2
Album 1237 Bretagne Chapelle Kermaria-an-Iskuit
Album 1238 Bretagne Lannion Saint-Jean-du-Baly
Album 1239 Bretagne Ploubezre St-Pierre et Paul Chapelle Kerfons
Album 1240 Bretagne Pestivien Calvaire
Album 1241 Bretagne Bulat-Pestivien Notre-Dame 1   1242-2
Album 1243 Bretagne La Guerche-Bretagne Notre-Dame 1   1244-2
Album 1245 Bretagne Lamballe St-Jean St. Johns church 1  1246-2
Album 1247 Bretagne Loc-Envel St-Guenael 1   1248-2
Album 1249 Bretagne Moncontour St-Mathurin 1   1250-2
Album 1251 Bretagne St-Aubin-du-Cormier parish church 1   1252-2  1253-3
Churches northwest France:
Album 1188 Amiens cathedral Notre-Dame 1  1189-2 
1190-3   1191-4   1192-5   1193-6   1194-7
Album 1195 Beauvais cathedral St-Pierre 1  1196-2  1197-3  1198-4
Album 1199 Rouen cathedral 1  1200-2  1201-3  1202-4  1204-5
Album 1204 Rouen St-Maclou
Album 1205 Rouen St-Ouen 1  1206-2  1207-3  1208-4
Churches in the Ardèche, France:
Album 1096 Vals-les Bains St. Martin
Album 1097 Ruoms, Ardèche, St. Pierre
Album 1098 Aubenas, Ardèche, Saint-Laurent
Album 1099 Macon, France, St. Pierre 1   1100-2
Churches in Portugal, Algarve and Alentejo:
Album 1078 Castelo de Vide Santa Maria da Davesa
Album 1079 Algarve Faro Igreja do Carmo 1   1080-2
Album 1081 Algarve Alvor Divino Salvador
Album 1082 Marvao conventual church Santa Maria
Album 1083 Castro Verde Basilica Real 1   1084-2
Album 1085 Evora cathedral 1  1086-2   1087-3
Churches in Roumania:
Album 958 Roumania Brasov Black Church
Album 959 Roumania Cluj-Napoca St. Michaels' church Sf. Mihai
Album 960 Roumania conventual church Moldovita 1  961-2
Album 962 Roumania Radauti Orthodox cathedral 1  963-2
Album 964 Roumania Radauti Sf. Nicolae and Sf. Ierarh Leontie
Album 965 Roumania Sibiu Evangelical church 1   966-2
Album 967 Roumania Sibiu Catholic church
Album 968 Roumania Sibiu Orthodox Cathedral 1    969-2
Album 970 Roumania Sucevita conventual church 1   971-2
Album 972 Roumania Cluj-Napoca Orthodox Cathedral
Churches of the Algarve, Portugal:
Album 950 Sao Bartolomeu Messines Igreja Matriz
Album 951 Algarve Faro cathedral 1   952-2
Album 953 Olhao Nossa Senhora do Rosario
Album 954 Algarve Silves cathedral
Album 955 Tavira parish church Igreja de Misericordia
Album 956 Tavira conventual church Sao Francisco
Album 957 Tavira parish church of Santiago
2 churches southern Black Forest - north Switzerland:
Album 916 Schaffhausen Minster
Album 920 Laufenburg John Baptist church
Churches Dordogne-Lot, France:
Album 887 Rocamadour Cite religieuse 1   888-2
Album 890 Martel St. Maur
Album 891 Collonges-la-Rouge St. Pierre
Album 892 Orleans kathedraal Sainte Croix 1  893-2  894-3
Album 895 Sarlat-la-Canéda St. Sacerdos
Churches in Czech Moravia:
Album 768 Czech Moravia churches 1  
769-2   770-3    771-4    772-5    773-6
Album 781 Czech Moravia Olomouc St. Michal's church 1   782-2
Album 783 Czech Moravia Velehrad basilica 1  784-2
Album 788 Czech Moravia Znojmo St. Nicolas church
Churches in Istria, Croatia and Trieste:
Album 717 Istria Porec Eufrasiana cathedral 1    718-2
Album 719 Trieste Santa Maria Maggiore
Album 720 Trieste San Giusto cathedral
Album 721 Slovenic Istria Koper cathedral
Album 722 Istria Rovinj Eufemia cathedral
Album 723 Slovenic Istria Piran St. George 1   724-2
Churches in Croatia-Dalmatia:
Album 642 Zagreb cathedral
Album 640 Trogir cathedral 1    641-2
Album 634 churches Dalmatia-Croatia 1   635-2   636-3
Edinburgh, Scotland:
Album 484 St. Giles cathedral   485 - 2   486 - 3
Churches in West-Bohemia, Czech:
Album 436     437      438      439
Album 440 monastery-church Kladruby 1       441-2
Album 442 Maria Kulm 1       443-2
Album 444 Valec church of the Holy Trinity
Album 416 churches Austria\Tyrol 1   417-2  418 3
419-4   420-5  421-6   422-7   423-8  424-9   425-10
Album 409 churches in Innsbruck - Austria 1
410-2          411-3        412-4
Album 407 churches Switzerland\Graubünden 1  408-2

Churches and monasteries

         How many churches alone in Europe would there be? I estimate some ten thousands!! How strange that some politicians want to 'scratch' out in official documents that christianity is one of  the main elements in European history!!
          In recent years my wife and I have been visiting Spain quite often. Enjoying and photographing so many cathedrals, like in Malaga, Morella and Valencia, but also many parish churches. See new page about  Churches and Monasteries of Spain This year, 2007, we made a trip through south Bohemia in Czech. May I ask your attention for churches and monasteries, like the pilgrimage church in Pribram! Or the John the Baptist-church in Jindrichuv Hradec and many more.
            But also so many cathedrals or even ruins in the UK, like Wells, Bath, Norwich, Durham, Salesbury etc. What about France, where the Gothic architecture started?! Not only Paris, but also Chartres, showing Gothicism at it's best, Amiens, Reims and Beauvaix with the highest  choir in the world with more than 50 meters!!
          Altar-pieces in the choir or side chapels, unrevealed pieces of art and strong believe! Like in the 'Iglesia del Carmen' in Antequere in Spain. Just see the album of the page 'travelling'.
2008 - We made a city trip and visited some fine cathedrals and other churches in San Sebastian, Burgos, Salamanca, Avila,Segovia, Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca, Valencia again. See the reports in the albums, left side!! Unforgettable!!   See new pageChurches and Monasteries of Spain
        In july 2009 we visited the very interesting city of Verona in northern Italy. So many magnificent churches there are here - worthy to visit again soon! Now the very old basilica of San Zeno in 2 albums.
       September 2009 - just 1 day in Salzburg, Austria, the church-city 'par excellence' so many interesting churches, like the famous cathedral. Barock in its best performance! In 4 continuing albums.
        May-June 2010 - Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. Also here some interesting churches.
         Early summer 2010 we visited the Dolomites in South Tyrol. What an impressive mountainous region of unequalled beauty! But also worth a visit of the many nice churches, and certainly the finest basilica of South Tyrol:Kloster (monastery) and basilica Neustift. And the Minster of Brixen with the Frauenkirche. Nice old city. And many other churches!!
And last fall and spring 2010\2011 new churches and monasteries in Northeast\Southeast Spain. Magnificent churches and ruins worth to visit!! Now in 10 new albums. See new page: Churches and Monasteries of Spain
July 2011: churches in Switzerland\Graubünden and Austria\Tyrol. So many and so interesting!!
September 2011: A trip through West-Bohemia, Czech Republic, with many impressive churches and monasteries!!
May 2012: Scotland - Edinburgh - the St. Giles cathedral with the famous stained glass-windows!!
          I could go on like this pages long, but I don't want to tire you with it. I invite you to admire with me the pictures in many albums. 
Fall 2012: churches of the Spanish Pyrenees, see:
Churches and Monasteries of Spain
Now, January 2013 developed: Barcelona 2010 in Spain: Cathedral in 3 albums
and Girona cathedral in 2 albums.
         September 2013 churches of Croatia-Dalmatia.  
Spring, April 2014: churches and cathedrals in Istria, Croatia, Slovenic Istria and Trieste, Italy. For instance the famous cathedral of Eufrasiana in Porec, UNESCO World Heritage!!

        September 2014 Trip through Czech Moravia - so much to see, old cities like Znojmo, Kromeriz, Olomouc etc. And castles, Palaces and so many fine churches. In 31 albums all together. 

June 2015 France the region around Rocamadour, Dordogne-Lot and the cathedral of Orléans. 
Rocamadour -  Hospitalet - Martel - Collonges-la-Rouge and Sarlat-la-Canéda.

Fall 2015 we were in the Black Forst agalin, in Germany. Just across the border in Switzerland the churches of Laufenburg end Schaffhausen.

In February-March 2016 again in the Algarve in South-Portugal. What a beautiful coastal landscape!!
But also interesting churches. In 8 albums.

And April-May 2016 a trip through Roumania with exceptional churches and cathedrals. In 15 albums.

February 2017 Again a trip to Portugal, Algarve and Alentejo

May-June 2017: a trip through the Ardèche in France with several nice churches.

June 2018: Nature and culture are well found in France, like in the northwest in Amiens, Beauvais and Rouen. cathedrals of great importance and very interesting with their mediaval stained glass windows or of modern art. The highest church the cathedral in Beauvails with more than 46 meters.

Also many great cathedrals and churches in French Brittany like Tréguier, Guingamp, Dol-de-Bretagne, Dinan, Moncontour etc. In 66 (!!) albums and more than 1.500 photos. Enjoy culture at high level!!




Can matter develop itself? Into a hammer? or a human being? Please, tell me!! How??

Pribram, pilgrimage church Svatá Hora, Czech Republic

parish church of Peniscola, Spain

John the Baptist church in, Jindrichuv Hradec,  Czech Republic

  In Sterzing in noord Zuid-Tirol - Pfarrkirche zu unserer Lieben Frau im Moos - gewelfschilderingen overal.






South Tyrol - churches:
Album 310 churches South Tyrol 1  311 - 2  312 - 3
Album 309 Voels am Schlern parish church
Album 308 Kastelruth St. Peter and Paul
Album 307 St. Christina parish church
Album 306 Neustift basilica
Album 303 Sterzing parish church 1  304 - 2  305 - 3
Album 302 St. Ulrich parish church
Album 301 Monastery Neustift
Album 300 Brixen Minster cloister
Album 298 Brixen Minster and St. Mary's 1  299 - 2
Albums Salzburg Austria churches 268  269  270  271
Album 230 Verona Italy basilica San Zeno 1  231 - 2
Churches of the Algarve, Portugal:
Album 114 Algarve Faro cathedral 
Album 113 Algarve churches of Tavira
Album 112 Algarve churches of Faro
Album 110 Algarve Portugal churches 1  111 - 2
Album 083 Zlatá Koruna monastery and church
Album 082 Pribram pilgrimage-church Zvatá Hora
Album 081 St. Barbara-cathedral Kutná Hora
Album 080 Jindrichuv Hradec John the Baptist-church
Album 079 Ceské Budejovice Maria-church and monastery

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