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 Urospermum dalechampii, wild flora of the de Costa Blanca huismanfoto

Pericallis webbii, photographed on La Palma in February 2007

daylilies belong to the finest garden plants

          "Without plants no life".  And not only for our food to eat, but the more (?) for enjoyment of their beauty. In this matter plants and music have a lot to do with each other: What would life be without? Right!!
          Also not only rhododendrons and other (garden) plants are important for me, but certainly also wild plants, like the wild flora of the Costa Blanca in Spain and wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. As photo-designs also unbeatable!!

Carpinus japonicus, a shrub or tree with nice large  hops

Orchis italica - e rather common orchid, but so beautiful with different teints and flecks etc.

Ophrys heldreichii - one of the fine orchids, difficult to distinguish.....

Serapias lingua, a quite different type of orchid.

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Album 102 wild flora Costa Blanca 2
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Album 122 wildflowers Algarve 1
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Alpine flowers Bernese Oberland

Plants give life


           May be an empty saying, but photographing always means that you are making a photo of something.  Then it is questionable if the photo itself or the object is the most important thing. The best would be a wonderful photograph of a wonderful object. We are not talking about snapshots, right?
        When I started to travel to Spain to the Costa Blanca my first digital camera was the Olympus C2500L with 2.5MP and a resolution of  1712 x 1368 px. The results are not as good as the present digital SLR's, like the Nikon D200 which I use since 2006. And of course we can see this, though some pictures are not bad at all! In this case mostly the object, the plant, is in question. I still have to scan many slides of wildflowers of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. But I know, that we have to deal with a quality loss of, at a rough estimate, 25 % of the picture. I used for many years, also in Canada, the analog camera Olympus IS 1000 with good results. But nevertheless with loss of quality with scans.
          Nature or architecture, wildflowers or church interiors, I all love it to photograph. Ruins of convents and churches are a fine item too. When I scan slides of  flowers or churches, I remember again the beauty of the photographic reality again. A  visual souvenir. Yes, that's the right expression. Even the smallest orchids I remember where they grew and where I photographed them. Well enough of this romantic nonsense.......
         One of the most enjoyable things to do for me, is to stroll through the mountains and woods to photograph wildflowers at many places. As you see the Costa Blanca in Spain, but also the Canary Island La Palma, the Algarve in Portugal, the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland and more recently the beautiful but quite unknown state of Oregon in the USA. You can see the results in many albums of the wildflowers there. And the Dolomites in northern Italy to come as well as a trip to Austria. I call it sometimes "God's showroom", and that's the way I see it!!
        And the Canary Island Tenerife - many beautiful wildflowers! Especially the Echium wildpretii!!!
April 2011 we were 2 weeks on Crete. What an interesting wildflowers, especially the wild orchids. See right below!!
May-June 2013 we were in the southwest of the USA to visit the National Parks. Also many fine wildflowers to photograph. Enjoy my 7 albums, see below!!!
         Enjoy the pictures!

Tenerife wildflowers: Album 340 Tenerife Echium wildpretii
Album 351 Tenerife wildflowers 1 Album 352 Tenerife wildflowers 2
Album 353 Tenerife wildflowers 3 Album 354 Tenerife wildflowers 4
Album 355 Tenerife wildflowers 5 Album 356 Tenerife wildflowers 6

Wildflowers USA southwest:

Album 572 Wildflowers USA southwest 1
Album 573 Wildflowers USA southwest 2 Album 574 Wildflowers USA southwest 3
Album 575 Wildflowers USA southwest 4 Album 576 Wildflowers USA southwest 5
Album 577 Wildflowers USA southwest 6 Album 578 Wildflowers USA southwest 7
Orchis pauciflora, one of the finest yellow coloured orchids.

Orchis papillionacea, for me the finest of all the orchids on Crete.


Album 220 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 1
Album 221 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 2
Album 222 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 3
Album 223 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 4
Album 224 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 5
Album 225 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 6
Album 226 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 7
Album 227 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 8
Album 228 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 9
Album 229 wildflowers of Oregon 2009 10
Albums of wildflowers of the western
Italian Dolomites:
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Orchids of Crete:
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