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Flower and anthers of an azalea huismanfoto
"About myself" 
Photography and subjects
purple cones of a fir agains a dark sky

willow cats agaiinst a sunset sky

          My name is Tijs Huisman and my profession was teacher of German at highschools in the Netherlands. My hobbys were and are gardening and hybridizing with Rhododendrons and Azaleas,  photographing and travelling. Unfortunately I don't work anymore because of burnout, but as far as I still have some energy, I perform my hobbys. For me photography has to do with emotion, remembering, involvement and insight in all the things around fixing the natural beauty and what mankind made out of it.  It is certainly a matter of art and enjoyment when the results reflect what you have seen in reality. 
          It is an adventure that you are going through with excitement and satisfaction. Most of the time............

Pennisetum, a nice grass for the garden

Lake O'Hara Rocky Mountains Canada

one of our cats in the garden

        As far as I remember my first camera was an 'Ilford Sportsman' just for simple shots on vacations, birthdays and snapshots. Later I had a SLR, a 'Praktica' which made quite a bit of noise. And since about 15 years ago I bought an Olympus IS 1000 and I still use it to make slides. In 2002 I obtained a Minolta Dynax 5, that with any lens does not perform better than the Olympus. And since last year I use the digital Nikon D200 and am very satisfied with it. I also used other cameras and will write about it when I show some pictures. Of course a slide scanner is very useful when I want to digitalise many of all my 17.000 slides that I have. But, oh boy, this is such a lot of work......
      My love for nature and everything around it dominates my photography. And with it I try to make photographs in a way, that is different from what I mostly see. Last 5-6 years I read quite a lot of photography magazines, and I don't like always what I see there. So many people are photographing nowadays..............
       It is not so, that I want to show off, but it is necessary  to distuinguish yourself from others and the way they photograph. I like to go on my knees or on my belly for different perspectives; to experiment with aperture and infill flash etc. It is really exciting for me to stroll through the mountains in Spain, looking for wildflowers and photograph them. Enjoying the wonderful fall colours in Maine, USA, the 'Indian Summer'. Anyway - I am a romanticist, who enjoys and admires the beauty of nature, plants, landscapes, especially when they are 'free of people'. The space and emptyness, but also in macro the beauty of flowers like Rhododendrons is impressive for me. This is not a hobby any longer - it is a passion!!
         And bringing back the slide films and picking up the slides I was and can be excited about some of the results. Not all were as good as one would wish. Now, with the digital revolution it is a big help and relief to see the results right the way after taking a picture. Much easier and faster. May be too easy?  

the cathedral of Malaga in Spain

harbour of Benalmadena, Spain

Cervera del Maestrat, Spain

Oban by night, Schotland

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