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Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau seen from the 'Männlichen' with Rhododendron ferrugineum in front huismanfoto
Alpine Flowers
of the 
Bernese Oberland
Gentiana acaulis, the Stemless Gentian, many of them on the  'Männlichen' and the 'First' near Grindelwald

Cirsium spinosissimum - a Thistle - on the Brienzer Rothorn with view on the 'Brienzer See' and  Jungfrau etc.

           The Jungfrau Region in the Bernese Oberland in the heart of Switzerland belongs to the most attractive and impressive mountainous regions of the world. Ity offers a mostly unspoilt array of mountains, valleys, lakes and certainly a vast array of alpine flowers! Also offering a world-famous backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfray. And nowhere are the Alps so near and spectacular and yet so accessible as here with hundreds of walking trails or hiking trails, with an abundance of wild flowers, sometimes slopes full with them.
It is such a pleasure to walk around and photograph the many beautiful plants in such an attractive environment. 

Gentiana purpurea, the Purple Gentian, growing on the Schynige Platte and the Almendhubel near Mürren

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Alpine flowers in the Bernese Oberland\Jungfrau Region

           We were here in the second half of July 2008 and of course it depends on the time of the season whether some plants are still in flower or not. If not they might at a higher elevation of the mountains.
This region lies at the north side of the Alps and therefore the weather is quite unsettled. So, getting up early and walking through the mountains before rain or thunderstorms are showing up later in the afternoon, is wise to do.
The accesibility of this region is very good for excursions by bus, boat, rail, cable or chair lift.There are more than 500 kilometres of marked foothpaths, hiking and Alpine trails, many of them at altitude, to lead you to the most spectacular views and alpine flower shows. Sometimes meadows full of them!!
           If you want to stay here for 1 or 2 weeks, it is advisable to get yourself a so called Region-Pass for i.e.15 days - which gives you 5 days of free travelling by bus,boat,rail of cable. And 10 days with 50% reduction!! Your own free choice of days. Or the Jungfraubahnen-Pass for 6 days, a "Top-value ticket for 6 consecutive days of unlimited travel on many scenic routes". From May 1st till October 31.
           The choice you have to hike around is almost unlimited. Go up by chair lift or cable railway for flower-trails to enjoy the beauty of the unspoilt mountain world and flowers in their natural environment. Here some examples of the trips we made:
In Grindelwald-Grund take the 'Männlichen-Bahn' to the 'Männlichen' Mountain and hike from there to the 'Kleine Scheidegg', several trails into many directions.
Or - take from Grindelwald the mountain-train to the 'Kleine Scheidegg', walk around here and travel further to Wengen and hike here. Also further to Lauterbrunnen with a nice view on the 'Staubbachfall'-waterfall. Then by cable railway to the 'Grütschalp'and hike to the 'Almendhubel' and to Mürren. In the valleys you can travel up and around by train to go back to your hotel or so.
       For lovers of alpine flowers, you shoud go up by train to the 'Schynige Platte' to visit the Alpine Garden with more than 500 species of wildflowers. From here you can hike via the Faulhorn to the 'First' above Grindelwald, where there are numerous trails to hike around with an abundance of wildflowers. You will see, that this region is a 'paradise' of alpine flowers.
And then, at home to retouch many hundreds of pictures to put them into 14 albums and to find the right names of the flowers. Tens of hours of work. Enjoy them!
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Pedicularis oederi - Yellow Lousewort - quite rare, hier on the 'First', near Grindelwald

Veronica fruticans - Rock-Speedwell - also quite rare on the 'First' near Grindelwald

Gentiana lutea - Yellow Gentian - a 'must-see'plant amongst the alpine flowers!! The Yellow Gentian, sometimes slopes full of them at the end of July

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