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Murcia - one of the most interesting cathedrals of Spain, build in Gothic and baroque style. huismanfoto

Churches and monasteries

in Spain

Almeria - southeast Spain with the cathedral, build as a fortress to keep the pirates out.

Tenerife - one of the Canary Islands of Spain - with the modernistic cathedral of Candelaria on the east coast.

            Which country in Europe has most churches and monasteries worth seeing? Some hundreds at least. France, where the gothic religious architecture started? Or Germany with so many local interesting churches, and where baroque got famous? Or Italy, where christian architecture started anyway? Or may be Spain with so many famous and very impressive churches and old romanesque or even pre-romanesque churches?
          Anyway - meanwhile I visited and photographed so many Spanish churches, that as a result I made this extra page about Spanish churches and monasteries. For a better view. 
         Not only the churches themselves are interesting, also the monasteries, cloisters with magnificent capitels, the altars and altarpieces, forfronts and chapels. I can't get enough of it to admire and photograph. I hope you will travel with me throug the richness of this European culture!!

Sant Pere de Rodes - an old impressive Romanesque monastery church in northeast Spain.

Churches of Elche and Lorca:
Album 1296 Costa Blanca Elche basilica Santa Maria 1  1297-2  1298-3
Album 1299 Lorca Collegian San Patricio 1  1300-2  1301-3  1302-4
Churches on Canary Island Fuerteventura:
Album 1172 Fuerteventura churches 1   1173-2   1174-3
Churches of Northwestern Spain:
Album 1122 Northwest Spain Sanguesa Santa Maria la Real 1  1123-2
Album 1124 Northwest Spain Sanguesa Iglesia Santiago
Album 1125 churches Northwest Spain 1  1126-2  1127-3  1128-4
Album 1129 Northwest Spain Iranzu convent and church 1  1130-2
Album 1131 Northwest Spain Leyre convent and church San Salvator
Album 1132 Northwest Spain Artajona San Saturnino
Album 1133 cathedral Santo Domingo de la Calzada 1
1134-2   1135-3   1136-4
Album 1137 Northwest Spain Javier Xaverius basilica
Album 1138 Northwest Spain Burgos cathedral 1
1139-2  1140-3  1141-4  1142-5   1143-6
1144-7  1145-8  1146-9  1147-10
Album 1148 Northwest Spain Astorga cathedral Santa Maria 1
1149-2     1150-3     1151-4
Album 1152 Northwest Spain Leon cathedral 1
1153-2     1154-3     1155-4
Album 1156 Oviedo cathedral 1
1157-2    1158-3    1159-4    1160-5
Album 1161 Monte Naranco San Miguel and Santa Maria
Churches of Andalucia - Costa del Sol:
Album 703 Malaga cathedral 1     704-2
Album 705 Malaga Iglesia de los Martires
Album 706 Malaga churches
Album 707 Medina Sidonia Santa Maria Mayor 1  708-2
Album 709 Costa del Sol churches 1     710-2
Album 711 Marbella Santa Maria de la Encarnacion
Album 712 Ronda Santa Maria la Mayor 1    713-2
Album 714 Antequera Iglesia del Carmen 1    715-2
Album 716 Coin Iglesia de San Juan
Churches of the Costa Blanca:
Album 815 Costa Blanca Xabia Iglesia San Bartolomé
Album 692 Costa Blanca Cullera Nuestra Senora del Castillo
Album 693 Costa Blanca Alicante cathedral San Nicolas
Album 694 Costa Blanca Villajoyosa Assumption Virgin Mary
Album 695 Costa Blanca Caravaca Cruz Iglesia del Salvador
Album 696 Costa Blanca Caravaca Cruz Sanctuario Vera Cruz
Album 697 Costa Blanca Cartagena Basilica de la Caridad
Album 698 Costa Blanca churches 1
700-3     701-4     702-5
New: churches Spanish PyreneesAragon:
Album 519 Alcañiz - Santa Maria la Mayor 1   520 - 2
Album 521 Alquézar - Santa Maria la Major 1   522 - 2
Album 523 Daroca - churches
Album 524 Huesca San Pedro 1   525 - 2
Album 526 churches of Aragon
Album 527 churches Spanish Pyrenees 1  528-2  529-3
Album 530 Mataró, Santa Maria 1   531 - 2
Album 532 La Seu d'Urgell, cathedral 1   533 - 2
Album 534 Son, Sant Just i Sant Pastor
Album 535 Teruel, San Pedro
Album 536 Vall de Aran, churches 1   537 - 2
Album 538 Vall de Boi, churches
Album 551 Barcelona cathedral 1  552-2   553-3
Album 554 Girona cathedral 1   555-2
Album 125 Sevilla cathedral 1     126 - 2
Album 173 Salamanca New Cathedral 1  174 - 2
Album 175 Salamanca Old Cathedral 1  176 - 2
Album 184 Segovia cathedral 1  Album 185 2
Album 196 Madrid Almudena cathedral
Album 197 Cuenca cathedral
Album 198 Toledo Monasterio San Juan Reyes
Album 199 Toledo cathedral
Album 200 Valencia cathedral and basilica
Album 326 Novelda Sanctuario de la Magdalena
Album 329 Almeria cathedral 1  Album 330-2
Album 331 Murcia cathedral 1  Album 332-2   333-3
Album 334 Guadix cathedral 1   Album 335-2
Album 362 Sant Pere de Rodes 1   Album 363 2
Album 364 Santa Maria de L'Estany 1  Album 365  2
Album 382 Catalonia Ripoll Santa Maria 1   
383 - 2     384 - 3
Album 385 Catalonia Sant Joan de les Abadesses 1
Album 386 Catalonia Sant Joan de les Abadesses 2
Album 387 Simat Santa Maria de la Valldigna
Album 388 Orihuela churches 1  389 - 2  390 - 3

Tenerife churches:
Album 339 Tenerife Candelaria basilica

Album 341 Tenerife Iglesia de San Marco
Album 342 Tenerife churches 1  Album 343  2
Album 344 Tenerife churches 3
Album 487 Castello d Empuries Santa Maria 1
Album 488 Castello d Empuries Santa Maria 2
Album 571 Iglesia Mayor Prioral
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Churches and monasteries in Spain

         A new page with only churches and monasteries of Spain, just for a better overal view of them. But I realise, that our love for Spain - especially in fall and late winter, also for the mild climate and beautiful landscapes  - will bring us many new albums with the cultural beauty of Spain. We'll see. Also on Tenerife and La Palma there are interesting churches and some cathedrals. 

          Regional there are differences in architecture and styles. In the northern parts of Spain there are numerous old romanesque churches and monasteries. Catalonia more than 800 (!).Even pre-romanesque ones from the time of the Visigoths, that invaded Spain since the 5th century. And from the 8th century the islamic Moors occupied almost entirely the Iberic Peninsula. Then the 'Reconquista' started to reconquer Spain from north to south till in 1492 as last city Granada in Andalusia was christian again. So we will find hardly or none Romanesque church in southern Spain. What happended many times, is that churches were buil on mosques, like the largest gothic cathedral of the world in Sevilla, built from 1401 on. The church tower 'Giralda' is still a mosque tower.

        Now - it would go beyond the meaning of this website to memorize the whole architecture history of Spain, which is very interesting!! You can find a short review of it in the magnificent travel guides of the 'Eyewitness travel guides' - also known as 'Capitool' guides in other languages.
       My plans for the (near) future are, to visit the northern provinces of Spain, Galicia, Navarra and Aragon. And more extensively Catalonia. Also for the beautiful landscapes. Not only the big cathedrals, but also the mostly small romanesque churches are worth a visit.
         Nowadays many people regard the religious heritage as a 'relic' from the past. In our modern present times we see a 'going down' of the churches themselves. But I see this as a sign of emptyness of our western culture and society. We renovate more or less churches as cultural heritage, but meanwhile we fill up ourselves wilth 'emptyness'.
An empty moral, filled with the opinion of the majority. Empty public treasuries, filled with 'debts for the future'. 'Baked air', not only of bankers but all who have just one goal in life "filling the own purse and pocket". Earning money and spending it determine social wellfare...
        Well - this is what I have to say about this subject. Very up-to-date these days. We have freedom of expression, especially for those, whom we don't agree with. Tolerance is something to do....!

       I wish all of you, visitors of my website a lot of joy with my many albums. As much as I had with seeing it all and trying to make good pictures!! 
Just see for instance the capitals and columns of the monastery of  'Santa Maria de L'Estany' north of  Barcelona, or the impressive church and monastery of  the 'Sant Pere de Rodes', in the northern part of the Costa Brava. Fall 2010. And more is coming...
Like early spring 2011 the churches of the city Orihuela south of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. And what to think of the monastery complex of the 'Santa Maria de Valldigna' in Simat in the northern part of the Costa Blanca. Architectonic jewels you just must see!!

Also from spring 2011 the 'Iglesia Mayor Prioral' of El Puerto de Santa Maria in the southwest of Spain.

Fall 2012 - our autumn-trip through the Spanish Pyrenees. What a fine combination of nature and culture, i.c. the beautiful and interesting old Romanesque churches, i.a. in the 'Vall d'Aran' and the 'Vall de Boi'.Some more than 1000 years old! And with fine frescoes too!! See 20 new albums left up.

In new 20 albums, just take a look and admire Spanish architecture of the best kind!!
From October 2010: 3 albums Barcelona cathedral. Plus 2 albums Girona cathedral.

Costa Blanca - at last I have a complete review of churches on the Costa Blanca. After many years of traveling around there in late winter\early spring I made 11 albums with many churches. Enjoy them as we did making the photos.

February - March 2014. Trip through Andalucia, Costa del Sol. Result?
14 albums of interesting churches again. 

September 2017 - we made a trip to the North-Spain regions of Navarra, Cantabria, Asturia and Castilia-Leon. So much to see. Communal churches and more the impressive cathedrals of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Burgos in 10 albums (!!), Leon, Astorga and Oviedo. More than 1.000 photos in 40 albums to enjoy. Better than garbish on your smartphone....

November-December 2017 - The Spanish Canary Island Fuerteventura has also to offer some interresting churches. And not only impressive landscapec

March 2018 - a visit to the church basilica of Santa Maria in Elche (Elx) in the Costa Blanca; and the 'Collegian' San Patricio of Lorca more to the southwest. A very worthwile visit of 2 important churches.



There are still people, who believe, that matter can develop itself into very complex living creatures....yes, they do!
Some believers call it "evolution"....

Santa Maria de L'Estany - an old Romesque church with a cloister with very interesting capitals.

Ripoll in the southeastern part of the Pyrenees. Here the old portal with the many statues and figurs.

Costa Blanca - Simat - the monastery and church of the 'Santa Maria de la Valldigna'.

Burgos in northern Spain - who does not know (of) the famous cathedral of this nice old town?!!

Madrid - the impressive vaults of the modern, built in neogothic style - cathedral 'Almudena'.

The high altar of the 'Santa Maria la Major' of Alquézar in the southern Pyrenees of Aragon in Spain.

The famous tower in 6 parts of the 'Sant Climesnt' of Taull in the 'Vall de Boi' in northwestern Catalonia in Spain.

The main parish church 'Iglesia Mayor Prioral' in El Puerto de Santa Maria on the Costa de la Luz in the southwest of Spain.



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