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Cathedral of Fulda huismanfoto

Churches in Germany
Karlstadt, parish church St. Andreas

Hammelburg, Franciscan monastic chruch Altstadt

            The number of churches and monasteries in Europe is enormous. Also in Germany. That's what you realise, when you are travelling just through an area of around Fulda and the 'Rhön' to 'Mainfranken' around Würzburg. In a large diversity of Romanic, Gothic, Barock, Rococo, neo-romanic, neo-gothic style. Travelling through this area during a midweek in October, it is impossible to see all the churches and monasteries. You can find a lot of help in the so called 'HB-Bildatlasses' and the 'HB-Kunstführer', describing the sightseeing things and art, like churches, monasteries and castles etc. Yes, they are in German, but also, yes, with beautiful photographs!!
            It is such a pleasure to photograph here, and I hope to make more photographic trips and show you the outcome of them. Deo Volente!

Iphofen, Sint Vitus church

Churches in Hessen-Rheingau, Germany:
Album 1431 Mainz Minster St. Martin 1  1432-2  1433-3  1434-4  1435-5
Album 1436 Eltville St. Peter und Paul 1     1437-2
Album 1440 Kiedrich parish church St. Valentinus 1    1441-2
1442-3    1443-4    1444-5    1445-6    1446-7
Album 1447 Convent Eberbach 1    1448-2
Album 1449 Ober-Ingelheim evangelical fortified church 1    1450-2
Album 1451 Bingen parish church St. Martin 1   1452-2   1453-3
Album 1454 Geisenheim 'Rheingauer Dom' 1    1455-2
Album 1463 Idstein Unionskirche (parish church) 1    1464-2
Churches in the 'Hessische Bergland' + Sauerland:
Album 1102 Soest Dom St. Patrokli 1  1103-2
Album 1104 Soest St. Maria zur Wiese 1   1105-2
Album 1106 Marburg Elisabethkirche 1   1107-2   1108-3
Album 1109 Alsfeld Walpurgiskirche
Album 1110 Amoeneburg John the Baptist-church
Album 1111 Fritzlar Dom St. Peter 1   1112-2   1113-3
Album 1114 Wetzlar Dom 1   1115-2
Album 1116 Lich St. Mary's church
Album 1117 Homberg Efze St. Mary's church
Churches in South-Germany Allgäu:
Album 1031 Seeg parish church St. Ulrich
Album 1032 Ottobeuren Benedictine Abbey 1   1033-2
1034-3    1035-4    1036-5
Album 1037 Memmingen Kreuzherrensaal
Album 1038 Buxheim Chartusian convent church 1  1039-2  1040-3  1041-4
Album 1042 Fuessen parish church St. Mang 1  1043-2   1044-3
Album 1045 Marktoberdorf parish church St. Martin 1 1046-2
Album 1047 Kempten St. Lorenz basilica 1 
1048-2   1049-3    1050-4
Album 1051 Kempten parish church St. Mang 1    1052-2
Album 1053 Irsee conventual church 1  1054-2  1055-3
Album 1056 Kaufbeuren parish church St. Martin 1   1057-2
Romanesque churches of Cologne, Germany:
Album 1006 Kalkar St. Nicolas' church 1  1007-2  1008-3  1009-4
Album 1010 Xanten Dom St. Viktor 1  1011-2  1012-3
Album 1013 Cologne Gross Sankt Martin 1   1014-2
Album 1015 Cologne St. Aposteln 1  1016-2
Album 1017 Cologne St. Georg
Album 1018 Cologne St. Gereon 1  1019-2
Album 1020 Cologne St. Kunibert 1  1021-2  1022-3
Album 1023 Cologne St. Maria im Kapitol 1  1024-2  1025-3
Album 1026 Cologne St. Maria in Lyskirchen 1  1027-2
Album 1028 Cologne St. Ursula 1  1029-2  1030-3
Churches of the German Alps - Oberbayern:
Album 975 Altenstadt St. Michael
Album 976 Andechs Pilgrim's church 1   977-2
Album 978 Benediktbeuern Parish church St. Benedict 1  979-2  980-3
Album 981 Diessen Parish church St. Mary 1  982-2  983-3
Album 984 Eschenlohe Parish church St. Clemens 1   985-2
Album 986 Ettal conventual- and Pilgrim's church 1  987-2  988-3
Album 989 Garmisch Parish church St. Martin 1  990-2
Album 991 Habach Parish church St. Ulrich 1  992-2
Album 993 Mittenwald St. Peter und Paul's church 1  994-2
Album 995 Murnau Parish church St. Nikolaus 1  996-2
Album 997 Oberammergau Parish church St. Peter and Paul 1  998-2
Album 999 Partenkirchen Mary's Assumption church
Album 1000 Partenkirchen Pilgrim's church St. Anton
Album 1001 Schongau parish church 1   1002-2
Album 1003 Weilheim Parish church Mary's Assumption
Album 1004 Wessobrunn Parish church John Baptist 1  1005-2
Southern Black Forest churches:
Album 909 St. Blasien Minster 1   910-2
Album 911 Freiburg Minster 1   912-2   913-3
Album 914 Freiburg St. Martin's church
Album 915 Tiengen parish church Mary's Assumption
Album 916 Schaffhausen Minster
Album 917 Todtmoos pilgrim's church St. Mary
Album 918 Schönau parish church Mary's Assumption 1  919-2
Album 920 Laufenburg John Baptist church
Album 921 Bad Säckingen Minster 1   922-2   923-3
Churches of the 'Lüneburger Heide'
Album 874 Lüneburg St. John's church 1   875-2
Album 876 Lüneburg St. Nicolas' Church 1   877-2
Album 878 Celle Stadtkirche St. Mary 1   879-2
Album 880 Uelzen St. Mary's Church
Album 881 Lüneburger Heide churches and convents 1
Album 882 Lüneburger Heide churches and convents 2
Album 883 Bardowick Minster St. Peter und Paul
Album 884 Verden Minster and St. Andrew's church
Churches between Weser en Elbe, Bremen:
Album 853 Stade St. Wilhadi-church
Album 854 Stade St. Cosmae et Damiani-church
Album 855 Jork St. Matthias-church
Album 856 Estebrügge St. Martini-church
Album 857 Neuenfelde St. Pankratius-church
Album 858 Otterndorf St. Severi-church
Album 859 Bremen St. Petri-Cathedral 1    860-2
Album 861 Varel Schlosskirche St. Petrus
Album 862 Rastede St. Ulrichs-church
Album 863 Wremen St. Willehadi-church
Album 864 Dorum St. Urbanus-church
Album 865 Lüdingworth St. Jacobi-church 1   866-2
Album 867 Hude Elisabeth-church
Album 868 Berne St. Aegidius-church
Album 869 Rodenkirchen St. Matthäus-church
Churches of 'Frankenland' and Bamberg:
Album 818 Bamberg church of Carmelites ans convent 1
Album 819 Bamberg Carmelites convent 2
Album 820 Bamberg 'Kaiserdom' 1   821-2   822-3 
Album 823 Bamberg St. Jacob's Church
Album 824 Bamberg 'Upper parish church' Obere Pfarre 1     825-2
Album 826 Banz Collegiate church 1    827-2
Album 828 Bayreuth town church 'Stadtkirche'
Album 829 Bayreuth 'Ordenskirche'
Album 832 Dormitz Parish church
Album 833 Ebern Parish church St. Laurence
Album 834 Effeltrich castle church Kirchenburg St. George
Album 835 Gößweinstein Pilgrimage church 1   836-2
Album 837 Hassfurt 'Ritterkapelle' chappel of Knights
Album 838 Königsberg in Bayern St. Mary's church
Album 843 Litzendorf Parish church St. Wenzeslaw
Album 844 Maria Limbach Pilgrimage church
Album 845 Memmelsdorf parish church Assumption Mary
Album 848 Neunkirchen a. B. St. Michaels church 1   849-2
Album 850 Sesslach St. John's church
Album 851 Thurnau St. Laurence church
Album 852 Zeil am Main St. Michael's church
Churches in the Black Forest :
Album 794 Black Forest churches 1   795-2
Album 796 Hirsau monastery 1     797-2
Album 798 Horb am Neckar St. Mary's church
Album 799 Triberg pilgrimage church 'Maria in der Tanne'
Album 800 Alpirsbach monastery church
Album 801 Gengenbach monastery church 1    802-2
Album 803 Baden-Baden 'Stiftskirche' 1     804-2
Churches between the Donau and Bodensee:
Album 725 Weingarten Abbey church 1  726-2  727-3
Album 728 Bad Waldsee parish church St. Peter
Album 729 Steinhausen pilgrim church 1    730-2
Album 731 Bad Schussenried parish church St. Magnus  732-2
Album 733 Zwiefalten St. Mary's Abbey church 1  734-2  735-3
Album 736 Obermarchtal Abbey church St. Peter and Paul 1  737-2
Album 738 Donaueschingen parish church St. Johann
Album 739 Villingen St. Mary's Abbey church
Album 740 Rottweil Abbey Holy Cross 1     741-2
Album 742 Rottweil Chapel church
Album 743 Reichenau Mittelzell St. Mary' Abbey 1   744-2
Album 745 Reichenau churches
Album 746 Überlingen Abbey church St. Nicolas 1   747-2
Album 748 Engen parish church Holy Virgin Assumption
Album 749 Beuron Abbey and pilgrims church St. Martin
Album 750 Pfullendorf parish church St. Jacob
Album 751 Messkirch parish church St. Martin
Album 752 churches Swabian Alb - Bodensee 1  753-2
Album 754 Blumenfeld parish church St. Michael
Album 755 Sießen Franciscan nuns church St. Markus
Album 756 Neufra Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
churches on the island Rügen and
Album 643 churches Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 1
644-2     645-3     646-4     647-5
Album 648 churches of Rügen 1   649-2   650-3
Album 651 St. Mary's church Bergen on Rügen
Album 652 St. Mary's church Stralsund
Album 653 St. Nicolas church Stralsund 1   654-2
Album 659 Kenz St. Mary's church
Album 660 Rügen Vilmnitz Maria-Magdalena church
Churches in Ostfriesland, Germany:
Album 620 Norden St. Ludgeri-church 1    621-2
Album 622 churches in Ostfriesland 1   623-2
624-3     625-4     626-5     627-6
just crossing the Dutch-German border:
Album 619 Rheine parish church St. Dionysius
Album 617 Rheine St. Antonius basilica 1  Album 618-2
One week on the River Mosel in Germany:
Album 615 Trier churches 1   616-2
Album 613 Abbey church Maria Laach 1    614-2
Album 611 Münstermaifeld St. Martin-Severus 1
Album 612 Münstermaifeld St. Martin-Severus 2
Album 608 Churches on the Mosel  609-2  610-3
Album 605 Trier Cathedral 1     606-2
Album 607 Trier Liebfrauenkirche\St. Mary's church
a week around Heidelberg-Heilbronn:
Album 518 Heilbronn Kilians-church
Album 517 Heidelberg churches
Album 514 Bad Wimpfen Dominican church
Album 512 Bad Wimpfen 'Ritterstiftskirche' St. Peter
Album 510 Worms Imperial Cathedral St. Peter 1   511-2
Album 508 Speyer Imperial Cathedral 1    509-2
Album 506 Maulbronn Cistercian Abbey 1   507-2
Album 505 Cleebronn Michaelsberg St. Michael's church
Album 503 Schwaigern parish church 1     504-2
Album 502 Eppingen parish church
Album 500 Michelstadt parish church 1    501-2
Album 499 Amorbach parish church St. Gangolf
Album 497 Amorbach Abbey-church 1   498-2
Album 496 Limburg an der Lahn Cathedral

Churches in Germany

         Well, I made a separate page about 'churches in Germany', just because the other main page 'churches and monasteries' would be to full with albums. But I fear that after some years this new page also will be filled with albums. We'll see.

           It is immaginable what you can see and photograph in this area, even the smallest villages and towns have several churches. Interesting for the altar pieces or paintings and pulpits etc. Like the monastic church of Münnerstadt, east of Würzburg. Or the medieval city of Iphofen with the St. Vitus church etc. I am planning more trips through interesting areas to photograph churches, monasteries and castles. Like the area around Oberammergau or the route of the 'Oberschwäbische Barockstraße'. Or around Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, the worlds most interesting medieval city. Just mention it and you will find 'places of art' in Germany. See the albums at the left side!! With altar works of the famous sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider in Rothenburg, Detwang and Creglingen!!!
Ansbach - the residential-town with the Gumbertus- and Johannis-church. And in Heilsbronn the remarkable Minster in 2 albums.

        The medieval city of Dinkelsbühl south of Rothenburg with the St. George Minster and the 14 'Stations of the Cross'. And many more churches in Nördlingen, Öhringen, Schwäbisch Hall and Wolframs-Eschenbach!
And if you want to prepare your trips, buy these 'HB-Kunstführer's as soon as you can, because they will not be reprinted. At least - that's what I heard. So, I have to hurry myself.

         In the fall of 2009 we went to the Harz mountains in Germany and made new pictures of great churches - first in Hildesheim with the famous Cathedral and the old romanesque church of St. Michael. In the Harz many churches in Goslar, Wernigerode,Halberstadt, Quedlinburg,Walkenried etc. In 9 continuing albums.

       September 2009 - the interesting churches of Rudolstadt and Saalfeld in Eastern Germany.
        October 2011 we made a one-week trip through the German province Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northeast Germany. Especially to photogrraph the gothic brick stone churches. Very interesting and worthwile to make such a trip. 

       June-July 2012; just one week in the region of Heidelberg-Heilbronn we visited some very interesting churches and cathedrals, such as the Imperial cathedral\Minster of Speyer and Worms. See what artists centuries ago created in altars and epitaphs etc. 

         June 2013 we were a week on the river Mosel in western Germany - result 6 albums of churches, amongst them the Cathedral of Trier, the oldest (Roman) city of Germany. Take a look at 6 albums!

           August 2013 - just across the German border to the Netherlands, the city of Rheine with the impressive neoromanesque church of St. Antonius.
Plus the gothic parish church of St. Dionysius with the famous stained glass windows made by Prof. Wilhelm Geyer.

            September 2013 - three days in the northwestern region 'Ostfriesland' where we visited fine, mostly small churches in romanesque end gothic style. With altars, organs etc. 
Worthwile to visit  6 albums and moreover the famous kathedral of Norden with the famous organ of Arp Schnitger. I am not telling too much, just see end enjoy these churches.

           October 2013  again into the Northern region of Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern eith the island Rügen. Again these brick gothic churches, mostly small but yet interesting. And the big gothic brick churches of  Strralsund. 

           June-July 2014; a trip to the south, the region Swabian Alb and the 'Bodensee', not far from Switzerland. Many famous churches like the Basilica 'Holy Blood' in Weingarten. Or the 'most famous villige church of the world' in Steinhausen. And many more of these 'gems' of the world of churches, THE cultural Heritage of Europe!!! In 31 albums to admire!!

           October 2014 - a week's trip through the Black Forest in Southwest Germany. Not only famous churches, but also impressive ruins as well. 

            April-May  2015- ten days in the beautiful region in Germany, called 'Frankenland'. With the Natural park 'Fränkische Schweiz'. E region full of art, castles, old cities as well as beautiful nature!! Cities like Bamberg; Kronach, Coburg and so many small villages with also remarkable churches etc. Gothic, Baroque, neogothic (not always my taste); I could spend weeks to be here and photographe so much more. In total 37 new albums, many with a new 'skin'' of the fine Jalbum software program. With acces to google maps if you want to see where it is.  

           June-July 2015 - a trip to the Lüneburger Heide; an area south of Hamburg with a unique landscape of heatherfields. But also nice old cities and dito churches. With 11 albums to enjoy. Prepare your cultural trip.

            August-September 2015 - we made a trip through the region of Bremen-Bremerhaven-Hamburg between the rivers Weser and Elbe in Northern Germany. With villages and cities with fine churches, most in the famous brickstone gothic style. With nice baroque altars, pulpits etc. Hude near Oldenburg, Bremen, Wremen, Rodenkirchen, Berne, Dorum, Otterndorf, Neuenfelde, Stade and many more. We enhoyed this region very much and you can enjoy as well in these 17 albums of churches.

           October 2015 - our trip through southern Black Forest in Germany. Some very interesting churches like the Minster of St. Blasien with the highest dome of northern Europe. The minster of Freiburg, completed in the Middle Ages, also the tower. And the Minster of Bad Säckingen, near the Rhine and the border to Switzerland. Together 15 albums of churches. 

           Summer 2016 many very interesting, mostly baroque churches in Southern Germany and German Alps. With 31 albums to enjoy. The beauty of these famous baroque churches, only seen in southern Germany and Austria.
Meanwhile more than 1.000 albums! A impression record, alt least for me personally!!

            Fall 2016 we made s short trip to Kalkar, Xanten and Cologne to see some of the best Romanesque and gothic churches not far from the Netherlands. What an abundance of great churches here are. In spite of the bombings of the Second World War, there is so much to see.

          October 2016 we made a trip to the region 'Algäu' in southern Germany. Always interesting because of the many baroque churches, like the Benedictine basilica in Ottobeuren and Kempten, the conventual church of Irsee with the 'ship pulpit'. And many more. Meanwhile about 200 churches in Germany.

           June-July 2017 a short trip to the region 'Hessisches Bergland' and 'Sauerland'. Some fine and famous churches like the 'Elisabeth-church' in Marburg. Gothic and romanesque beauties!! In 16 albums.

           October 2019 we visited an area in Germany, Hessen and the 'Rheingau' west of Wiesbaden. Also in these regions wonderful churches and cathedrals, like the Minster in Mainz. And not expected the very interesting parish church St. Valentin in Kiedrich, west of Wiesbaden in the Rheingau.
Here an english art lover supported this church, John Sutten. Keep his name in mind and visit this church; you won't regret it!!
And more interesting churches in Geisenheim, Eltville, Bingen etc.

         Enjoy my albums!








Bayreuth, the city of Richard Wagner - here the Ordenskirche and pulpit-altar with organ. A unique combination

Norden in northern Germany with the interesting church of St. Ludgeri; also the famous organ of Arp Schnitger

Steinhausen in southern Germany - fine baroque art of ceiling paintings

Kitzingen,  Church of St. John

Münnerstadt, Augustine monastic church

Ostheim vor der Rhön,  castle church St. Michael

interior of the St. Georgs-church in Dinkelsbühl

Schwäbisch Hall - the interior of the St. Michael church

Amorbach in the Odenwald - the famous baroque Abbey church with the organ.

Bad Wimpfen on the river Neckar - the in French gothic styl built 'Ritterstiftskirche' , St. Peter's church

Münstermaifeld in the South Eifel not far from the river Mosel - here a wonderful altar piece the figures of the 'heiliggrabgruppe'.

Trier - the oldest (Roman) city of Germany with the cathedral, built on the remains of the old Roman church


Churches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:
Album 467 Lübeck St. Mary's Church 1      468-2
Album 461 Wismar St. Nicolas' church 1      462-2
Album 459 Schwerin cathedral 1          460-2
Album 457 Rostock St. Mary's church 1       458-2
Album 455 Ratzeburg cathedral 1       456-2
Album 451 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern churches 1
452-churches 2     453-churches 3     454-churches 4
Album 449 Güstrow St. Mary's church 1       450-2
Album 448 Güstrow cathedral
Album 446 Bad Doberan monastery church 1  447-2
Album 445 the Chapel-church (Kapplekirche) in Bavaria
Album 275 churches in Rudolstadt and Saalfeld
Album 259-267 churches in the Harz - Germany
Album 256\257\258 churches in Hildesheim
Album 205 Schwäbisch Hall St. Michael Minster
Album 204 Schwäbisch Hall Comburg conventual
  church and stronghold
Album 203 Öhringen Minster
Album 202 Wolframs-Eschenbach Minster 
and St. Sebastian church
Album 201 Nördlingen St. Georg Minster
Album 187 Dinkelsbühl St. Georg Minster
Album 186 Dinkelsbühl St. Georg-Minster Stations of the Cross
Album 182 Heilsbronn Minster 1   183- 2
Album 181 Ansbach St. Gumbertus- en St. Johannis-church
Album 180 Laudenbach Bergkirche\Mountain-church 2
Album 179 Laudenbach Bergkirche\Mountain-church 1 
Album 178 Detwang St. Peter and Paul-church
Album 177 Creglingen Herrgottskirche
Album 172 Rothenburg o.d. Tauber St. Jakobs Church 2
Album 171 Rothenburg o.d. Tauber St.Jakobs Church 1 
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