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Burgos with the famous and imposing cathedral


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Salamanca with here the 2 connecting New and Old Cathedral - very impressive!

Madrid, the Palacio Real, Royal Palace

           A well-known travel-company in Holland, that brings many tourists to Spain by bus, had in its programm a city-tour to North- and Mid-Spain. With many highlights like Madrid of course, but also Salamanca, Toledo, Segovia, Cuenca and Valencia. In their new travel guide this trip is not included anymore - what a shame. 
          We had a fantastic trip, these Spanish citys and towns have so much to offer, certainly for me, to photograph old cities, castles and cathedrals, like the famous ones in Salamanca, Toledo, Segovia and others.
         Have you ever heard of the 'hanging houses' of Cuenca? The Alcazar and the Roman aquaduct of Segovia? Also the tour through the Spanish landscape and a short stay on the Costa Daurada and Brava. During these 12 days we saw some clouds!! And most blue skies. Travelling last week of September and first week of October 2008. Just great! 

Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo de el Escorial, north-west of Madrid

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         For your information I have the following itinerary with some comments:

25 September - driving through Belgium and France to Orleans for overnight stay.
26 September - driving further to Spain and short visit of San Sebastian.
27 September - visit to Burgos with the famous and impressive cathedral.
28 September - via Valladolid to Salamanca with the 2 imposing cathedrals and the very interesting city.
29 September - Avila with the complete town-walls and fine churches - in the afternoon visit to Madrid and the Royal Palace and a city-tour by bus.
     30 September - visit to the well-known 'El Escorial'  and to Segovia with the imposing cathedral, the Alcazar and the Roman viaduct..
1 October - day for free use to visit Madrid - churches, Plaza Mayor, Prado etc.
2 October - in the morning Madrid again with Plaza Espana and New Cathedral
     Almudena - in the afternoon to Toledo with the famous cathedral, the Alcazar and the most interesting city!!
3 October - Cuenca high above two rivers with the 'Hanging Houses' (Casas Colgadas), the cathedral en the old city. Impressive and worth a visit!!!
4 October - Valencia with i.e. the cathedral and basilica and interesting city.
5-6-7 October - travelling back to Holland via Peniscola - nice mediaval town on a big rock above the sea - and Malgrat de Mar on the Costa Brava and through France via Dijon.

the famous viaduct of Segovia

Cuenca with the Casas Colgadas, the hanging houses and the walking bridge, Puente de San Pablo

Toledo - view on the town from the river Rio Tajo.


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