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Porto Katsiki  with a beautiful large beach

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Agia Mavra, in older times a fortress town, now very interesting ruins

church of Exantheia, like many of them on Lefkada

           The Greek island Lefkada - or Lefkas - is one of the 7 Ionian islands along the western coast of Greece. Not well known as i.e. Corfu or Zakynthos, but not less beautiful. It is a mounainous island with the highest mountoun Stavrota, 1182 M. The west coast is quite steep arising out of the sea, and the east coast slowly sloping wooded mountains. The island is still not overrun by tourists, mostly because of the small number of beaches. But the existing beaches are miraculous!! Like the Milos beach of Agios Nikitas or the large beach of Porto Katsiki. The inland is also interesting with old villages, where life is still as in old times.
I hope that the 3 albums will give you a good impression otf this beautiful island. 

Agios Nikitas, a nice coastal resort with fine beeaches

Album 098 Greece Lefkada 2007 1
Album 099 Greece Lefkada 2007 2
Album 100 Greece Lefkada 2007 3

          With friends from Czech we went to Lefkada at the end of August. It still was very warm with mostly temps between 90 and 100 F. Flown to Preveza on the Greek mainland and via a dam with a bascule bridge to Agion Nikitas on the west coast, a fine sea resort. and the Milos Beach by boat or across a hill. We rented a car, as we always do, because, if you want to 'taste' the real island you have to drive. Through the mountains with marvellous views and along the coast, visiting nice harbour villages like Vassiliki and Porto Katsiki with  large beach, Syvota on a beautiful bay, Vlycho and Nidri along the Vlycho Bay. Also Lefkada city is interesting and certainly the old fortress Agia Mavra with a very  stirring history with occupations by Romans, Turks, Venetians, French, Russians and Britons. Buy a book about it and read it! Read it as a history novel. Fascinating!
         Certainly - this island Lefkada is worth a visti!!

chapel of the old fortress Agia Mavra

Syvota, a nice harbour town along a bay in the south of the island

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