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          Photography is 'hot'. Many people take photo-shots of just what they see - and of course this is alright. But many professional photographers fear, that they with their photo-quality will not be asked anymore. Real quality is out....Or not?
         Photography is never without content - we always photograph something or some person. Besides that technics play an important role and I hope to find time soon to present a page about it. I do not like massiveness - though I admit that this website begins to be quite massive.....
           The goal of this website is to present fine and good quality pictures of interesting subjects. 'Fixing an image of reality'. You can send me your answer to the question if I am successful in doing that.

New: 88 albums with 2.200 photos of churches
and museums of Burgundy, France

34 albums with 800 photos of wildflowers
Costa Blanca; see plants

September-October 2018 roundtrip through Namibia:
see travelling and plants

March 2018:
Almost unknown Costa Calida in Spain

June-July 2017 trip Germany Sauerland and Hessisches Bergland, see churches and travelling

May-June 2017: a trip through the Ardèche in France
see churches, landscapes and travelling.

2016 brings new albums:
Church trip Allgäu, South Germany in 27 albums
see churches in Germany
short church-trip to Kalkar, Xanten and Cologne

2 weeks in Southern Germany and German Alps:
31 albums of churches, see churches of Germany

Trip through Roumania, 15 albums churches
Four weeks Algarve in Portugal; 26 albums coastal landscape and 8 albums churches. 
landscapes and churches

NEW 2015:
October 2015 - A trip through the Southern part of the Black Forest in Germany
see travellling and churches
Early June Southern France Dordogne-Lot:

see travellling and churches
June-July 2015 trip to the 'Lüneburger Heide" in Germany
August-September 2015 17 albums:
Churches between Weser and Elbe - Bremen
churches in Germany
Germany - Frankenland 37 albums
see travelling and churches Germany
Again trip Costa Blanca, Spain in 9 Albums;
see travelling and Spain

NEW: 2014:
Roundtrip Black Forest, Germany
Roundtrip through Czech Moravia in 31 albums with churches 
southern Germany Donau-Bodensee
churches in 31 albums.

A trip through Istria, Croatia and Trieste, Italy
8 albums of churches
Andalucia - Costa del Sol, Spain:
14 albums of churches
See 31 albums Costa Blanca in Spain
And 11 albums churches of the Costa Blanca

October 2013 trip to Rügen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
September-oktober 2013 - roundtrip Croatia-Dalmatia in 6 albums.
See also the page churches

May-June 2013 very interesting trip through Southwest USA to visit National Parks and State Parks;
Wildflowers of southwest USA in 7 Albums
see also the page plants
National Parks\State Parks in 18 albums
see also the page
travelling southwest USA in 7 albums
see also page
New page: Spain
See 31 albums Costa Blanca in Spain

New page: Churches in Germany
Important tip for going through the albums: click on first photo (if possible) - then continue with the arrow keys

          For photography we are living in a very exciting time. The 'pixelrace' goes still on and new camera modells are presented in high tempo. Every month I buy several photo-magazines to keep up with the newest facts and to improve my skills. To combine theory and practice to learn to be a better photographer. I hope.... 
         Anyway - photography gives me a lot of satisfaction - i.e. when I take a picture of a wonderful altarpiece in a Spanish or German cathedral or church to see it all in detail on my screen how to 'repeat my trip'. 
        Browsing my albums - meanwhile  1295 date 04-03-2019 and 35.000 photos - you can see what my predilections are - and they are quite wide. Nature with impressive landscapes, plants and flowers, like the wild flora on the Costa Blanca in Spain or the Algarve in Portugal. But increasingly churches, cathedrals and monasteries, which are such an important heritage, and so impressive to give a glance of the fine architecture and art to admire. Concerning flowers and plants also the way of photographing with a small aperture and infillflash, resulting in a large depth of field against a black background. Just see the page Rhododendrons the albums 'Rhododendrons in Black'.
          Some people ask me why I don't participate in stockagencies like flickr etc. But I don't want to be a part of a massive community. I often see photos, that I would call 'photographic art' rather than real photography, which is an art of its own. All kinds of retouching in Photoshop which strains the meaning of reality. It has its own right of existence. That's the way I see it. I want to present the reality as my own eyes saw it. And this is sometimes difficult enough for itself. Of course, the way you use the camera plays an important role, but it you want to see this kind of 'photographic art' you are here at the wrong place. Or just around............

          Enjoy my photographs!!I

1466 photo-albums and ± 39.700 photos!! (January 1, 2021)


can matter develop itself into a hammer in billions of years? You believe?



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New page: Spain (March 1, 2013)
See 31 albums Costa Blanca in Spain

New page: Churches and monasteries in Spain

Spitzbergen with 10 Albums
Orchids of Crete in 6 albums
New page: Churches in Germany
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