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-alpine flowers Bernese Oberland

coastal and seelandscape of La Palma huismanfoto

Embalse de Ulldecona in the Maestrat mountains In Spain

Vlycho-Nidri bay on the Greek island  Lefkada (Lefkas)

          "Landscapes are the face and the relief of the earth". And what an impressive face!! And such a diversity! Seas and mountains - deserts and icebergs.  Flat lands, wetlands and meadows. 
And all these landscapes under different weather conditions, multiplied by the four seasons. 
          The photographical beauty of all these landscapes is a very loved subject for photographers. Think of a beautiful scene that a high spot in the mountains can give!! Or a boat-tour between icebergs. Inexhaustible possibilities for many nice pictures.............

the 'furnisching' of a mountainous landscape like here in Germany - castle Saaleck near Hammelburg, Duitsland

creeks, rocks and mountains with woods make oftenlandscapes like here in Spain

Niagara, 'Horseshoe' waterfalls between Canada and the USA, slide

the so called Sellagruppe, a hugh mountain with fantastic views on the surrounding mountains, like the Langkofel-Plattkofel. On the right the 'la Locomotiva'.

in the Spanish Pyrenees, here the 'Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes'.
Album 053 Costa Blanca inland 1
Album 054 Costa Blanca inland 2
Album 065 La Palma volcanoes 1
Album 066 La Palma volcanoes 2
Album 107 Landscape in hoar-frost 1
Album 108 Landscape in hoar-frost 2
Album 109 Landscape in hoar-frost 3
Album 115 Algarve coast 1
Album 116 Algarve coast 2
Albums Dachstein 272   273   274
Album 544 Spanish Pyrenees-Catalonia-Aragon 1
545 - 2   546 - 3   547 - 4   548 - 5
Portugal - Algarve coastal landscape from east to (north)-west in 26 albums:
Album 924 Algarve coast 1  925-2  926-3a
927-3b   928-3c   929-4a   930-4b   931-4c
932-5a  933-5b  934-6a  935-6b  936-7a
937-7b  938-8  939-9a   940-9b   941-10a
942-10b  943-11  944-12a  945-12b  
946-13    947-14   948-15a   949-15b
Landscapes North-west Spain:
Album 1167 Northwest Spain Picos de Europa 1
1168-2     1169-3
Album 1170 Northwest Spain landscapes 1    1171-2

        On Google Earth it is possible now to travel around the world. Even to visit your own hous and garden from above. Or exploring your travel destination. These modern inventions are widening our world. 
         Well, that's nice, but I think we all prefer to see and explore the real world and the beauty of real landscapes from human perspectives! There is so much to find out and therefore my travel goals are quite wide. 
        Many years now we are visiting the Costa Blanca in Spain to avoid our West-European winters. Well, winters?? What winters? Then we rent a car and drive through the wonderful inland with so many wild flowers to find and photograph. 
         And La Palma, where we were last winter in February. The steepest rising island of the world. With volcanoes and the largest erosion crater of the world, the 'Caldera de Taburiente'. (see also the page 'Nature').
And the 'Rocky Mountains', where we were in 1994. I still have many slides of this trip to be scanned. So, any landscape has its own beauty. For us to discover and admire. My dreams? Well, again Scotland, Ireland, Spitsbergen, Alaska, New Foundland etc.
        On December 22nd 2007 we had a splendid landscape with hoar-frost around the house and meadows. Here a report in 3 albums.
        In january 2008 we were in the Algarve in Portugal. Especially the coastal landscapes - large beaches and rocky shores west of Albufeira are interesting. 2 Albums show you all of it. Summer 2008 the alpine landscape of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Magnificent!
      May 2009 - Oregon trip with 4 albums
      September 2009. A trip to Austria - the Dachstein-Mountains in the Salzburger Land.. An impressive alpine landscape!! In 3 continuing albums.
       May-June 2010 - Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, volcanic landscapes of great beauty!! In 6 albums.
        Early Summer 2010 - a trip to the Dolomites of South Tyrol in Northern Italy. What a special and remarkable landscape this is. With nude toothed spires of greyish mountains with their vertical walls and stony slopes. Just awesome!! In 13 albums to enjoy!
        June 2011 I visited Spitzbergen\Svalbard. A wonderful landscape of ice, snow, glaciers and wildlife. Very impressive. See the page Spitzbergen with 10 albums.
        February 2012 we visited the impressive volcanic Canary Island Lanzarote. Nowhere on the world there are so many volcanic mountains, about 140!! In 8 albums to enjoy!!
        September-October 2012 - our fall trip through the Spanish Pyrenees with impressive mountains and national parks.
         May-June 2013 - we visited the National Parks of the Southwest of the USA , like Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Arches NP and Canyonlands NP; and some very interesting State Parks, like the 'Valley of Fire' in Nevada. Breathtaking sceneries!! 18 Albums of natural beauty!! See also the page about travelling!
         February-March 2016 we were in the Algarve in Portugal again and enjoyed te beautiful landscapes of the coast from east to (north)-west. For 4 weeks!! Yes, indeed. Visit my 26 albums with seacoastal natural beauty and scenery!!  Not in one time, but  in several looks.
February 2017 in the Algarve and Alentejo, Portugal again. Beautiful beaches with natural rocks landscapes.

          Fall 2017, September, a trip to North-Western Spain, Cantabria, Asturia and Navarra. Many imjpressive churches and cathedrals, but also beautiful landscapes and coasts. Like the half-desert Bardenas-Reales in Navarra and gorges Foz de Lumbier and Arbayun in Navarra. Amnd not to forget the mountains of the Picos de Europa, till more than 2600 m above see levell. September-October is a very good season to travel here!!

           And -
it goes on and on - our november-december-trip 2017 to the Spanish Canary Island Fuerteventura. A dry, rough and yet beautiful landscape. Especially the coastal regions are very impressive. Enormous beaches, black lava rocks end high lunes are worth to make many photos!! With 10 albums!


South Tyrol - Dolomites: Album 313 Groedner Joch
Album 314 Groedner Tal 1 Album 315 Groedner Tal 2
Album 316 Rhododendron ferrugineum Album 317 Langkofel-Plattkofel 1
Album 318 Langkofel-Plattkofel 2 Album 319 Langkofel-Plattkofel 3
Album 320 Naturpark Puez-Geisler 1 Album 321 Naturpark Puez-Geisler 2
Album 322 Seiser Alm Album 323 Sellagruppe 1
Album 324 Sellagruppe 2 Album 325 Sellagruppe 3
Tenerife landscapes:
Album 350 Tenerife Paisaje Lunar Album 345 Tenerife National Park Teide 1
Album 346 Tenerife National Park Teide 2 Album 347 Tenerife National Park Teide 3
Album 348 Tenerife National Park Teide 4 Album 349 Tenerife National Park Teide 5
Landscapes - National Parks southwest USA:
Album 580 Arches National Park 1    581-2   582-3 Album 579 Antelope Canyon
Album 585 Canyonlands National Park Album 583 Bryce Canyon National Park 1   584-2
Album 587 Dead Horse Point State Park Album 586 Colorado National Monument
Album 590 Paria River Valley Album 589 Monument Valley 
Album 593 Valley of Fire 1   594-2   595-3 Album 591 Smokey Mountain Road Lake Powell 1  592-2
Album 596 Zion National Park 1    597-2
Ardèche, France: Album 1088 Ardèche Aven d'Orgnac 1  1089-2
Album 1095 walking Volane Vals-les-Bains
Album 1090 Natual park Ardèche
a  special rocky landscape  'El Torcal' in  southern Spain

sunset at  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, slide

the 'Rotspitzen', a part of the Tschiergruppe, near Wolkenstein\Selva and the Grödner Joch.

in the Spanish Pyrenees, here the impressive 'Parque Nacional de Ordesa i de Monte Perdido'

Bernese Oberland:

Album 148 Bernese Oberland 2008 1
Album 149 Bernese Oberland 2008 2
Album 150 Bernese Oberland 2008 3

Oregon landscapes:

Album 216 Cape Kiwanda
Album 217 Fort Rock
Album 218 Painted Hills
Album 219 Smith Rock State Park
Lanzarote volcanic landscapes

Album 470-1   471-2   472-3     473-4   474-5    
   476-7   477-8

Algarve en Alentejo in Portugal:
Album 1058 Algarve Algar Seco 1   1059 - 2
Album 1060 Algarve Luz walking Atalaia
Album 1061 Algarve Salema beach 1    1062-2
Album 1063 Alentejo Vila Nova de Milfontes
Album 1064 Cabo Sardao Zambujeira do Mar
Album 1065 Alentejo Zambujeira do Mar
Album 1066 Algarve Praia Armacao - Gale 1   1067-2
Album 1068 Algarve Praia do Zavial
Album 1069 Algarve Praia da Ingrina
Album 1070 Algarve Praia do Beliche
Fuerteventura (coastal)-landscapes:
Album 1175 Fuerteventura landscape 1  1176-2
1177-3   1178-4   1179-5   1180-6
1181-7   1182-8   1183-9   1184


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