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ordering photographs

It is not so easy, to ask a reasonable price for my pictures, of course the original big photos. It depends of what you want to do with them. It is not my goal, to get rich with them. It won't happen, I think....

And - how unique is a photo? How special? How good is the quality? Seeing the photos on my website you can make a judgement yourself. And if you don't like my price proposal, you can present one of your own taste!

Ordering photographs ordering-list 1

Price indications:
What are you using the photos for: books, brochures or catalog(ue)s etc.?

Up to 2000 copies


Up to 5000 copies


More than 5.000 copies


For  journals\periodicals\magazines I take the following prices per edition:

Up to 5000 copies


Up to 10.000 copies


More than10.000 copies


For plantlabels, like rhododendrons etc. I  use the following  20-15-10-prices:

For the first  1000 labels

20,00 per thousand

For the next 1000 labels

15,00 per thousand

For all the following (thousands of) labels

10,00 per thousand

You have an other proposal? Just let me know!
Also for used photos with permission goes
photography&copyright Tijs Huisman.

Questions? Something unclear? Proposals? You want a deal? 

For privat use I ask 5,00 per photo. The big original photo, jpg or RAW, so most between 5 and 20 MB..

Complete albums ( 24 or 30 photos) original large photos on CD, 100 tot 200 MB (!): 15,00 plus postal charge, 3,00. (Within Europe 5 Euros)
For ordering list see: ordering photographs   (Word document)

For non-profit organisations, ask for conditions

I offer photos in the original resolutions of 12 or 16 MP. Your choice jpg's or RAW (Nikon) photos. 

So, no small low-quality jpg's of 1024 x 768 px!!

Payment via my bank account, IBAN number.
Till about 75 MB download via my website more than 75 MB with CD\DVD;