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éeén van mijn mooiste rhododendron kruisingen huismanfoto
the beauty of
Rhododendrons and Azaleas
nog zo'n fraaie rhododendron kruising

              Actually this website just starts now. For the time being you can see 12 albums with rhododendrons and azaleas against a dark or even black background - "blackground". And 6 albums with rhododenrons and azaleas with photos 'normally' taken. All of the photographs in these albums are taken with my new Nikon D200. Most of the time also in NEF raw with a resolution of  3872 x 2592 px (10.2 million px).
             For those of you who want to know and see more about rhododendrons and azaleas I refer to my website with a lot of information and more photos:   www.rhodoland.nl  

Albums rhododendrons "in Black":
album 001 rhododendrons in black
album 002     003    004    005    006
007    008    009     010     011    012
album 013 rhododendrons spring 2006
014    015    016    017    018
album 019 Balds Tour USA 2006 1
020 - 2   021- 3   022 - 4   023 - 5   024 - 6
025 - 7   026 - 8   027 - 9   028 - 10
Album 489 Scotland gardentrip 1
490 - 2   491 - 3   492 - 4   493 - 5   494 - 6
Album 495 Park Lütetsburg, Germany

"Rhododendrons in black"

      At first sight may be a strange indication. But if you look at the small pictures on this page you will see flowers with a very large depth of field and a dark or even black background. Now you will understand the word "blackground". This large depth of field is hardly possible with any camera or expensive lenses. More or less this is a 'photographic trick', but looking at the details and exif details of the photos in the albums, you might understand how to make these kind of pictures. 
            With all these kind of photos the background is not important, and does not play any role, so the accent is only on the beauty of the flowers. So, this 'trick' has nothing to do with photoshop, but is purely a matter of photography!!
           Making and linking of albums is not always easy! Mostly the exif details are lost or not complete. For the albums "rhododenrons spring 2006"" I use now the newest version of Jalbum 7.0.3, skin Chameleon and style  black.css.  This skin allows to use it as a normal album, but also as slide show with variable time settings. Very handsome!! And easy!! Just take your time to find out.
             From July 2012 on I use a new skin from Jalmum with better performance and slideshows. Use the arrow keys to progress.
((For photographic details please use the following translations:))
Datum = date; resolutie = resolution; iso instelling = iso setting; belichtingstijd =
shutter time(speed);  diafragma = aperture; focus afstand = focus distance


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