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Calgary with the skyline of downtown

Rocky Mountains Canada 1994
a photo report
with scanned slides

in Calgary this parade of indians during the anniversary of Calgary in 1994

Lake O'Hara in the Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

            Travelling a lot also means that you can meet interesting people. Attending the Convention of the American Rhododendron Society in Tacoma, USA, I met a woman who invited us to come to Canada, the Rocky Mountains, and she would show us this worldwide known beautiful mountainous landscape. She managed a small oil company in Calgary and knew a lot, where to go and see the best points of interest. Well, who could reject such a piece of good luck. We did not. So, in July 1994 we flew to Calgary and enjoyed one of our best trips ever!!
             Now and then she had to go back to her office downtown Calgary, but also the city is very interesting, certainly during these days of the 100 anniversary in 1994. They celebrated it extensively and we like it to be eye wittnesses.
Till now this trip is one of our best, if not the very best. Thanks to this very generous lady. In several hops through the Rockies, Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Four weeks of enjoyment and making pictures, meaning sllides, which I had to scan now, but I think, with reasonable results. 
          We hope to make this trip again, in the next future. With modern means of photography.

a totempole in the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver

Album 276 Rocky Mountains Canada 1

Album 277 Rocky Mountains Canada 2

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Album 282 Rocky Mountains Canada 7

Album 283 Rocky Mountains Canada 8


          Although Calgary is in the state of Alberta - and Vancouver and Vancouver Island do not belong to the real Rocky Mountains - they are included in this report of a magnificent trip. Also the badlands of the Dinosaur Provincial Park north of Calgary with the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleonthology with the dinosaurs north of Drumheller. 
Departing from Calgary we went 3 times to the Rockies, visiting the Kananaskis Country, Canmore, the Banff National Park, Yoho National Park and the Jasper National Park. With highlights such as the Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, the Columbia Icefield, the impressive Lake O'Hara, where we made a wonderful hike through the landscape of this lake and mountains. The Maligne Lake by boat, the many caracteristic canyons and waterfalls like the Takakkaw Falls and the Athabasca Falls. By the way - also south of Calgary there is a lot to see - the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, where the indians chased the buffaloes over the rocks. And a very interesting site near Brocket, where Indians from the USA and Canada had their traditional dance championships - a very worthwile happening!!
          Then the definite trip thorugh the Rockies, visiting the Columbia Icefield, a very large glacier, Revelstoke along the Columbia River and the Revelstoke Mountain with the flower meadows. Continuing by Highway 1 and Hwy 97 along the  Okanagan Lake, where many fruit trees grow, like in the village of Peachland. Further to Vancouver, where there is so much to see and enjoy: the Stanley Park with the totempoles, the Museum of Anthropology with Indian artefacts and modern Indian art. The Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden and Van Dusen Gardens give our trip a touch of flowers and plants.
         Thereupon the interesting boat trip to Vancouver Island with the capital Victoria, the famous Butchart Gardens and the interesting museums for Indian art and totempoles and building boats etc. At last back to Vancouver after a short visit to the fishing-port of Steveston, south of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River.
           Alltogether a very succesful trip. And handling my slides I get a nice retrospect too!!

Columbia Icefield, an enormous glacier in the het Jasper National Park

Maligne Lake in the Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

the well known Lake Louise in the Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


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