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Hier in beautiful Dolomites we walk into the mountains of the Langkofel-Plattkofel.

South-Tyrol Dolomites
June-July 2010

a photo-travelogue

and anywhere we see the flowers of the 'Alpine Rose', the Rhododendron ferrugineum

hier the Seiser Alm, the largest pasture area in the European Alps - a true flower-paradise!

           The Dolomite Alps are unequalled anywhere in the world and it is impossible to confuse them with other mountainous regions. The nude spires with their vertical walls reaching almost impudently into the sky  are unforgettable. In 2009 we visited the western Dolomites, but only the Brenta-Mountains were really dolomitic...
           The Dolomites take their name from the French noble mineralogist Dieudonné-Sylvain-Guy-Tancrède de Gratet  de Dolomieu (1750-1801), who collected samples of rock similar to limestone. A chemist friend found out that this rock consists of calcium magnesium carbonate. Well, for us as visitors, the overwhelming beauty of these special mountains is worth a visit - or more than one, because in 2 weeks it is impossible to explore such a large region, where not only landscapes and nature, but also culture as churches and old castles etc. are worth a visit. Next time we want to explore the more eastern part of the Dolomites.

Hier at the Grödner Joch a nice view onto the Sella mountainsiose bergmassief de 'Sella'  oftewel de Sellagruppe.  Op de voorgrond uitgebloeid hoefblad.

South Tyrol - churches:
Album 298 Brixen Minster and Frauenkirche 1
Album 299 Brixen Minster and Frauenkirche 2
Album 300 Brixen Minster cloister
Album 301 Monastery Neustift
Album 302 St. Ulrich parish church
Album 303 Sterzing parish church 1
Album 304 Sterzing parish church 2
Album 305 Sterzing parish church 3
Album 306 Neustift basilica
Album 307 St. Christina parish church
Album 308 Kastelruth St. Peter and Paul
Album 309 Voels am Schlern parish church
Album 310 churches South Tyrol 1
Album 311 churches South Tyrol 2
Album 312 churches South Tyrol 3
South Tyrol - Dolomites:
Album 313 Groedner Joch
Album 314 Groedner Tal 1
Album 315 Groedner Tal 2
Album 316 Rhododendron ferrugineum
Album 317 Langkofel-Plattkofel 1
Album 318 Langkofel-Plattkofel 2
Album 319 Langkofel-Plattkofel 3
Album 320 Naturpark Puez-Geisler 1
Album 321 Naturpark Puez-Geisler 2
Album 322 Seiser Alm
Album 323 Sellagruppe 1
Album 324 Sellagruppe 2
Album 325 Sellagruppe 3

Short travelogue

              Last week of June and first week of July we were here in a B&B in the lovely village of  St. Christina in the Grödner Tal (Val Gardena) with splendid views on the mountains around, like the impressive Langkofel-Plattkofel massif. From here we explored the near surroundings of the valley and the mountains around. For easy and price saving access to the mountains we used the so called Valgardena Card for 60 Euro's, for unlimited use of all the cable ways in the valley for 6 days - and 7 days of unlimited use of all public service busses in the territory of the Mobile Card South Tyrol. 
Great opportunities of (nordic)walking, hiking are offered in the valley and around the villages, but also in the mountains. For instance around the Langkofel-group, the Geisler mountains in the Naturpark Puez-Geisler. By bus to the Grödner Joch and hiking around with great views on the Sella mountain massif. And not to forget the largest alpine meadows of Europe, the Seiser Alm (Alpe di Susi), where in this time of the season the meadows are full with alpine flowers. Take cable way in St. Ulrich. By bus to Selva (Wolkenstein) - up to the Ciampinoi by cable and hiking along the Langkofel to the Sella-Joch through the 'City of Stones"' (Naturonda). But most impressive to drive to the Passo Pordoi (Pordo Joch) and by cable cabin up to the Sella mountains with magnificent breathtaking views on the mountains around, like the Marmolada, the Latemar, far away, the Rosengarten and the Langkofel-Plattkofel. As soon as the snow is away you can quite easily walk to the Piz Boé. 
            Of course, by car you can drive around, visiting mountains farther away and walk around. But apart from mountains and nature, the Dolomites do offer much more. Did you know, that South Tyrol has more than 800 castles, ruins, noble estates etc.? You can buy a book about this (see below - most in German) and follow the routes through culture. Like the monastery and basilica of Neustift, near Brixen. The famous cathedral of Brixen and the 'Hofburg' with a wonderful museum of medieval art and christmas cribs!! Castles - for instance Prösels near Völs am Schlern - and the castle 'Trostburg' near Waidbruck. Churches, one more interesting than the other - the Parish churches of St. Ulrich and St. Christina in the Grödner Tal; in Kastelruth, Völs am Schlern, Tiers, just to mention a few. Just see the albums!
           You can enjoy any trip more, if you like wildflowers, old cities and churches, landscapes of any kind. These are universal rules for anybody!! Little interests - little enjoy!! You like canoing? Practice it on the lake of Alleghe. I have hundreds more pictures of the Dolomites in general - I might use them in further 10 albums. But sofar, I think I have enough for you to give you an impression of the beauty of the Dolomites in South Tyrol.
          Next time we plan to visit the eastern part of the Dolomites. 2 Weeks are not enough. May be 2 years are still nog enough. Enjoy my albums!!

Following books, which I uses for our trip or bought in the region, like in St. Ulrich! and Brixen): learning German would be wise.......
'The Dolomites - mountains of coral'- by Andrea Innocenti and Michele Cecchi - ISBN: 978-88-476-0331-8 - English - wonderful pictures.
'Dolomiten - Reise durch eine bezaubernde Bergwelt' - by publisher Light Hunter Publications - ISBN: 88-86297-02-5 - German - beautiful book!
'Zauberhafte Alpen 'by Claudia Converse - publisher Kina Italia / Eurografica - Italy. The entire European Alps. German.
'Fotografischer Führer der DOLOMITEN' - by Foto Ghedina srl Cortina d'Ampezzo. Nice book with good pictures in 500 pages. German\English
'Die schönsten Tiroler Burgen & Schlösser' - door Helmut Krämer en Anton Prock - ISBN: 978-88-7073-434-8. Zeer informatief!! German.
'Südtirol' - by Ernst Wrba and Robert Asam - publisher: C.J. Bucher Verlag - ISBN: 3-7658-4101-3 - very nice and exploratory! German.
'Blumen-wanderungen in Südtirol' - by Oswald Stimpfl - Folio Verlag - ISBN: 978-3-85256-520-0. Well documented flower-walks. German.
'Der Dom zu Brixen' - by Leo Andergassen - ISBN: 978-88-7073-497-3 (Tappeiner). Very beautiful and very well documented. German.
'Krippen in der Brixener Hofburg' - by Karl Wolfsgruber. ISBN: 88-7014-587-5. Nice book about christmas cribs. German.
'Südtirol' - Baedeker Allianz Reiseführer - ISBN: 978-3-8297-1198-2. Very ecploratory travel guide. German - I think also in English.
'Diözesanmu'seum Hofburg Brixen - byr Leo Andergassen. Nice german book about this museum. Also English, I think. For sale in museum.
'Südtirol' - ADAC Reiseführer' - travel guide in German. Nice photos.        Some books might also be English!! Visit book shops!!!

The so called Sellagruppe is a fantastic mountailn-group with from the top magnificent views on the surrounding mountains.

the Geisler Mountains with the nude spires in the 'Naturpark Puez-Geisler.'

The basilica Neustift, north of Brixen is the ultimate church in baroque style.

beautiful churches with interesting grave yards around them, like here in Tiers the St. Georgschurch.


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