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Montañana - an 'empty' village in the mountains of Aragon



Tossa de Mar - a beautiful scene of this old medieval town on the coast of the Costa Brava in Catalonia.

Albarracin b night - a wonderful old town in the mountains of southern Aragon

           Spain, or 'Iberic Peninsula' is the land of the Flamenco dances, the fabulous mountains like the Ryrenees or the Sierra Nevada. The country of the moorish culture from the 8th till the 15th century with an enormous heritage of castles, mosques, many times reconstructed into churches and cathedrals. And the terraces in the mountains. The country of the many Costas, housing millions of tourists from northern Europe, also many from the UK. The land of the interesting historic cities, not only Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, but also Burgos, Malaga, Granada, Sevilla, Salamanca, Cordoba, Segovia an many others. 
          For us an unlimited source of nature and culture! Including uncountable smaller cities and villages with valuable sites and historic places. Cathedrals, churches and monasteries from old-romanesque till monernistic. The Greek and Romans were settled here, on the coasts and in the inland. Many remains can still be admired. In the years ahaed we plan to visit Spain even more frequently, also more the inland. There is still so much to be discovered.... I hope you will share this with us in the many albums to come. Deo Volente!

Madrid - the 'Palacio Real', the Royal Palace.

Peniscola - again an old medieval town on the coast of eastern Spain between Barcelona and Valencia.

Sevilla - the beautiful 'Plaza de España' built for the international exposition of - I think - 1929

         1998 was the first year and time we visited Spain, the Costa Blanca, and since then we come back many times. For getting some 'sun spirit' at the end of the long wintertime. This Costa is our favorite place to be. Also the Costa Brava in late fall, and not to forget the more southern Costas, like the Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical, Costa Almeria in the southeast  and the Costa de la Luz in the southwest. A city trip through Spain brought us in the northern and middle part of Spain. As mentioned above. Een stedentrip voerde ons in 2008 door het noorden en midden van Spanje. My favorites is to photograph old cities, castles, but most the famous cathedrals, churches and monasteries. Just see the many albums and the page Churches and monasteries of Spain
        Last fall 2012 we travelled to the Costa Brava, rented a car and drove through the Pyrenees mountains of Catalonia and Araagon. A wonderfultrip through this fabulous mountains. And also through the more southern part of Aragon with so many old cities and churches. So much interesting things to see and do! Even desert like landscapes are present in Spain. In late winter or early fall we are many times in Spain and enjoy the fine weather, landscapes and interesting cities, churches and castles. The Costa Blanca has, according to lthe UNESCo WHO the best climat of the world - this means quite something!!
          Books about Spain can be bought anywhere in the UK and abroad. Well known are the travel guides of the Capitol series (Eye Wittness), Traveler Guides of National Geographic, the 'Insight Guides' in many editions and translations, also Dutch, etc. 

Spanje - El Torcal, a rocky spot near Antequera in southern Andalusia.

In the Pyrenees the 'Parque Nacional de Ordesa i de Monte Perdido', a fine and impressive mountainous region.

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Churches and monasteries of Spain


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