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Spitsbergen - here in the Smerenburgfjord you can see, why this archipelo is called 'Spitsbergen'.

Spitsbergen  Juni 2011
a magnificent trip
to the 'high north'


Spitsbergen - such a beautiful sight these ice sculptures and ice fields.

Another 'spits' mountain in the clouds and surrounded by glaciers.

           Spitsbergen Expedition, 'Polar Bears in the midnight sun'  so called by the travel agency, who organised this marvellous trip. Indeed, it is an event, never to forget. Once in a life time! With our expedition ship the 'Quest'  we explored in 8 days the beauty of this landscape. 'An educational expedition cruise' through an 'ice covered archipelago'. 
           When people ask me what was most impressive for me, my answer is not in the first place the Polar bears, the reindeers, walrusses, and so many sea birds - sure, they also - but most impressive is the beauty of this snow peaked landscape, the ice littered fjords, the ultimate silence to enjoy, sitting in front of the ship with a camera in my hand. All together it is an experience of a high standard. I hope, that you, visitor to this website, will also enjoy the 10 albums with 240 photographs. And if you want to see all this with your own eyes, just go by yourself and enjoy it all!! See information below.

Spitsbergen - the glacier of the Magdalenefjord; the closer you are, the better you see how high they are.....

Spitsbergen - driftwood ,akes this fine landscape even more photogenic.  Here on Prins Karls Forland.

Spitsbergen - beautiful tundra landscape on the slopes of Alkhornet along the Isfjorden.

Spitsbergen - homeland of many reindeers, also on the slopes of the Alkhornet.
Album 366 Spitsbergen 1
Album 367 Spitsbergen 2
Album 368 Spitsbergen 3
Album 369 Spitsbergen 4
Album 370 Spitsbergen 5

Short travelogue

          Actually for a long time I wanted to visit Alaska. But there are so many mosquitos and flies, which are not on Spitsbergen. And seeing an offer of a travel agency to explore Spitsbergen by a cruise, I could not resist the temptation to book. And I don't regret this decision. 
         Spitsbergen is an archipelago between 74 and 81 degrees North in the Atlantic Ocean  and situated between Norway and the North Pole. The other name is 'Svalbard' and means 'cold coast'. Since 1925 it is a part of the Kingdon of Norway. Since 1974 it is also possible to fly to Longyearbyen and from here our ship the 'Quest' starts its expedition cruise. With an international group and crew we sail to the west, visiting Barentsburg and from here to the north to Ny Alesund on the Kongsfjorden. Further north visiting several Fjords, like the Smeerenburgfjord, Magdalenefjord and sailing to the east we enter into the Hinlopenstretet, which is thanks to the mild weather and northern winds quite far open so sail southwards. See the map of Spitsbergen. 
          We are in the beginning of June and therefore there are not many flowers, but the snow on the lower parts of the mountains is melting and this gives the opportunity to take nice contrasting photographs. Also coalmining and whaling in the past are subjects to visits and photograph. Like the mining village of Barentsburg, where you can still 'feel' the old Sovjet atmosphere. Also Longyearbyen itself is interesting because of the remains of coalmining and the museum, which gives an excellent overview of the cultural and natural history. Also Ny-Alesund is worth a visit for the remains of coalmining and the remains of expeditions that Roald Amundsen and others made. 
      The average temparature is about 5 C, but the last days we were here we had temps up to 12 C. In 10 albums with 240 pictures I show the beauty of Spitsbergen. They show mostly 'atmospheric showpieces of the beauty of nature' and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed reality. Like the walrusses, who are idle on the shores; fjords with reflections in the calm water of the mountains and glaciers, which are rising out of the water; Brünnich's guillemots, nesting on the rocks; all the ice fields and sculptures, floating on the dark blue water; Little auks, fluttering around the Alkefjellet along the Magdalenefjord and reindeers, who walk around on the slopes of Alkhornet along the Isfjorden. All together they give you a good impression of the beauty of Spitsbergen. I hope.....
         I recognize the performance and expertise of the crew of the ship 'Quest' i.e. Mats Forberg, Olle Carlsson, Axel Broman, Rinie van Meurs and Richard - they did a great job. And Robert van Kempen, who was oud Dutch expedition leader. Very well prepared and I especially enjoyed the zodiac landings. 
fotograaf Tijs     Spitsbergen-barbecue

Spitsbergen - here  the Smeerenburgfjord at a very calm sea a fine view on the glacier and surrounding mountains.

Yes, we saw several polar bears, like here in the Woodfjorden.

Spitsbergen - also walrosses, like here in small groups on Torellneset at the Hinlopenstretet.
Album 371 Spitsbergen 6
Album 372 Spitsbergen 7
Album 373 Spitsbergen 8
Album 374 Spitsbergen 9
Album 375 Spitsbergen 10

Travel information:

Spitsbergen expedition: 'Polar bear adventures in  midnight sun'

Travel Agency: Polar Quest - P.O. Box 180 - 401 23 Göteborg - Sweden - www.polar-quest.com  - info@polar-quest.com
Books I used for my information:

Pal Hermansen: "Svalbard Spitzbergen Guide"- ISBN:3-930232-59-6  In Norway 978-82-8077-124-7.  Beautiful book with a lot of information about nature, culture, sights of interests. Fine photos. German. Nearby 300 pages.
Rolf Stange: "Spitzbergen - Svalbard, Wissenswertes rund um die arktische Inselgruppe".  ISBN: (10) 3-937903-08-9 of  (13) 978-3-937903-08-8 zie  www.Spitzbergen.de
Magnificent book, almost  500 pages. German. Very detailed book with lots of information from area to area. Fine pictures of landscapes, animals, fjords, plants etc. Highly recommended!!
Olle Carlsson en Stefan Lundgren: "Svalbard, The land beyond the North Cape"  Nice small book with fine pictures, showing impressions and good information. Contact: olledragon@hotmail.com   Olle Carlsson was one of our expedition leaders.
Hanne Margrethe Ingebrigtsen and others.: Longyearflora - en enkel felthandbok\Longyear Flora - a basic field guide. English and Norwegian. Small field guide with many of the 170 native flowers. ISBN: 978-82-93009-04-7
Elke Lindner & Kay Meister: "Die kleine Spitzbergenflora, Portraits interessanter Pflanzen des Archipels". German. Nice small book almost 90 pages with pictures and extended descriptions. For the lover of native plants!.. ISBN: 3-8334-5132-7.
J.V. Tsivka e.a.: "Glacial Eldorado. Spitsbergen, Photograph Album". A wonderful documentary book with hundreds most fine photos about Spitsbergen - nature, history, landscape, culture etc. English and Russian. 240 pages. I bought it in Barentsburg. ISBN: 5-88950-024-4


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