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Tenerife - the Teide - with 3718 metres the highest mountain of Spain,  in front the 'Roques de Garcia'.

May-June 2010

a photo-travelogue

Tenerife - Echium wildpretii - a wonderful wildflower with 3 metres high florescens with thousands of red flowers.

Tenerife - basilica in Candelaria on the eastern coast. Built in 1959 in modern-baroque style.

           Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands - about 3 times La Palma, and I think it is also the most interesting island. It offers everything to all the visitors - beach lovers, nature-lovers, hikers and those who love culture as well. Yet, the most appealing attraction is the wonderful landscape of the "Parque Nacional Del Teide" with the highest mountain of Spain, the Teide with the 'Pico del Teide' - 3718 metres. As you might know, the Canary Islands belong to Spain since the end of the 15th century. 
            Presumable most of the visitors go to the most southern coastal resorts of Los Christianos\Las Americas, but it would really be a shame, if they would not visit the rest of the island. There is more than beaches, sunshine and sea! So - I would suggest - rent a car and explore the beauty of landscapes, coasts, interesting cities and mountains, also in the north the Anaga-Mountains. And don't forget the beautiful wildflowers! Let my albums inspire you to do so end enjoy it all.

Tenerife - Paisaje Lunar - 'moonlandscape' - an amazing and exceptional landscapes of tuff coons.

Tenerife landscapes:
Album 345 Tenerife National Park Teide 1
Album 346 Tenerife National Park Teide 2
Album 347 Tenerife National Park Teide 3
Album 348 Tenerife National Park Teide 4
Album 349 Tenerife National Park Teide 5
Album 350 Tenerife Paisaje Lunar
Tenerife wildflowers:
Album 340 Tenerife Echium wildpretii
Album 351 Tenerife wildflowers 1
Album 352 Tenerife wildflowers 2
Album 353 Tenerife wildflowers 3
Album 354 Tenerife wildflowers 4
Album 355 Tenerife wildflowers 5
Album 356 Tenerife wildflowers 6
Tenerife churches:
Album 339 Tenerife Candelaria basilica
Album 341 Tenerife Iglesia de San Marco
Album 342 Tenerife churches 1
Album 343 Tenerife churches 2
Album 344 Tenerife churches 3
Tenerife Roundtrip:
Album 357 Tenerife Roundtrip 1
Album 358 Tenerife Roundtrip 2
Album 359 Tenerife Roundtrip 3
Album 360 Tenerife Roundtrip 4
Album 361 Tenerife Roundtrip 5

Short travelogue

           For general sightseeing even the 2 weeks we were here are too short. We stayed at a finca, a vacation home near San Miguel, not far away from the airport Reina Sofia and about 600 metres above see-level. We had a nice view onto the landscape below us up to the coast and saw the flying airplanes. From here we had good access via road TF-21 to Vilaflor and further to the main attraction of the Island, the 'Parque Nacional del Teide'. This national park is overwhelmingly beautiful! A volcanic landscape with craters, lava fields, the cañadas, interesting rocks and also wildflowers. We drove this road several times and could not get enough to see this awesome landscape. Take your time and get out of your rented car to enjoy it all!! You really need a car, though busses are a reasonable alternative. Following this TF-21 you can take the cable way to the 'Pico del Teide' to get 200 under the top. For the last 200 meters you need a special permit, you must aply in advance. From here you can walk around and have the most awesome views onto the surrounding mountains, the volcanic plains, the 'Pico Viejo', the old crater, and to the north the Anaga mountains and the clouds you can see below.             Following the TF-21 to the north you can visit the information center in El Portillo and  drive further on the TF-24 to look into the valleys on both sides. Driving farther to La Laguna - where it is hard to find a parking place - and visit the rough Anaga mountains with magnificent views. From here visiting the interesting villages of San Andres in the east or Taganana on the western side.
From El Portillo you can also follow the TF-21 to reach the Orotava Valley and visit the interesting cities of La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Realejos, Icod de los Vinos and Garachio. Each of these cities are worth a visit, also for interesting churches. 
          Taking the TF-21 we also drove northwest, taking the TF-38 to the Teno Mountains. This area is well known for the small villages, like the idyllic village of Masca with the Barranco de Masca, a deep gorge that you can walk down to the coast, 600 meters below!! If you are tired, you can take the boat back to Los Gigantes, where you can also do whale whatching. Here are some interesting coastal cities\resorts. Most of the visitors are visiting these beach resorts along the southwest coast, but it would be a shame not to explore the main points of this island. 

         And - please don't do wrong to yourself by missing the impressive wildflowers. They 'enlighten' the landscape with their natural beauty. Special attention for the Echium wildpretii - Viper's bugloss - found between 1500 and 2000 metres. From the basal centre of linear leaves it shows its florescens standing up to 3 metres and showing thousands of bright red flowers. Amazing! One of the finest wildflowers I have ever seen!! See the album.
        I could go on like this in praising this wonderful island. My recommandation is to prepare your trip carefully, buy books and maps and prepare yourself for a magnificent adventure. And - enjoy my albums.

I used the following books: (also a lot more in Dutch and German)

Eyke Berghahn e.a: "Teneriffa" - a wonderful book with interesting information on 620 pages. German. Reise Know-How. ISBN 978-3-89662-257-0
Piotr Paszkiewicz e.a. "Canary Islands" Eyewitness Travel Guide. Net als de Capitool Reisgidsen rijk gedocumenteerd!! ISBN 0-7513-7262-5
Ernst Wrba & Annette Meisen: "Teneriffa" - Beautiful fotobook with interesting descriptions. German. Series Bruckmann. ISBN 978-3-7654-4376-3
Jürgen Richter & Ralf Restmeyer: "Reise durch die Kanarischen Inseln" - German. Nice photobook. Publisher Stürtz. ISBN 978-3-8003-1560-2
Miguel Angel Cabrera Pérez: "Native Flora of the Canary Islands"- a florabook with 175 colour photos of wildflowers. ISBN 84-241-3555-5
Bruno Foggi & Andrea Innocenti: "Blumenwelt der Kanaren" - German but also in English. 96 pages of photos and descriptions. ISBN 88-8029-639-6
Ingrid & Peter Schönfelder: "Mittelmeer- und Kanarenflora". German. Excellent botanize book of more than 1600 plant species. ISBN 3-440-06223-6
And many many more.... Some of the mentioned books might also be in English.

Tenerife - the 'Piton' the volcanic top of the Teide, the highest mounatin of Spain.

Tenerife - fine wildflowers, like this Descurainia bourgeauana on the crater fields of the Teide.

Tenerife - look out from the TF-38 onto the volcanoes of Pico Viejo and Pico del Teide.

Tenerife has many wildflowers, of which many endemic to the Canary Islands or only to Tenerife. Here the fine Spanish Gold-Thistle, the Scolymus hispanicus, found not far from our finca near San Miguel.


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