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Benalmadena, Spain,  by night huismanfoto

in the cathedral of Malaga in Spain

Peniscola in Spain, town and harbour

          'He who travels far, knows much'. And can show a lot of photographs. And share them with others. But it should not always be far away to find beautiful landscapes, churches, cities etc. 
          It is obvious what I like best - nature, plants, flowers and landscapes. But also culture, churches, castles, ruins and old cities. Our world has so much to offer and to fix in fine photographs, that there is always a reason to travel around.
          So, let me share it with you in this page and quite a few of albums.

Sandy Stream Pond in the Baxter State Park, Maine, USA

Short trip to the regions Rheingau and Hessen, Germany:
Album 1438 Eltville am Rhein
Album 1456 Saalburg Roman castle 1  1457-2  1458-3  1459-4
Album 1460 Weilburg with residence 1   1461-2   1462-3
Album 1465 Idstein old city 1   1466-2
Art- and church trip through Burgundy, France:
Album 1349 Autun Museum Rolin 1     1350-2
Album 1421 Dijon Musée des Beaux-Arts 1    1422-2    1423-3 
1424-4   1425-5   1426-6   1427-7   1428-8   1429-9   1430-10
Safari-truck-trip through Namibia 2018:
Album 1273 Namibia 2018 review 1    1274-2
Album 1275 Namibia roundtrip 1  1276-2   1277-3   1278-4
1279-5   1280-6   1281-7   1282-8   1283-9   1284-10   1285-11
1286-12 1287-13  1288-14  1289-15  1290-16  1291-17  1292-18
Trip Picardië and Brittany in France
Album 1254 Brittany 2018 Dinan town
Album 1255 Brittany 2018 Vitré town
Album 1256 Brittany Fougères town and castle 1    1257-2
Album 1258 Brittany Moncontour Rennes
Album 1259 France Picardië 1    1260-2
Album 1261 Brittany Dol-de Bretagne coast
Album 1262 Brittany coast beaches east 1    1263-2
Album 1264 Brittany coast Cap Fréhel
Album 1265 Brittanye coast Fortress Latte
Album 1266 Brittany coastt Le Val André Dalhouët
Album 1267 Brittany coast Trébeurden Ploumanach 1   1268-2
Album 1269 Brittany Île de Bréhat 1   1270-2
Album 1271 Brittany Le Gouffre Pointe Château 1    1272-2
Trip through Northwestern Spain:
Album 1163 Artajona and Olite 1   1164-2
Album 1165 Asturië Costa Verde 1    1166-2
Panel-work cities in the "Hessisches Bergland", Germany:
Album 1118 Panel-work cities 1   2   3   4
Trip through the Ardèche in France:
Album 1088 Ardèche Aven de Orgnac 1    1089-2
Album 1091 cities and villages in the Ardèche 1
1092-2     1093-3     1094-4
Album 1095 walking the Volane, Vals-les-Bains, France
Trip through Roumania:
Album 973 Roumania city of Brasov
Album 974 Roumania city of Sibiu
Trip southern Black Forest, Germany:
Album 903 Black Forest south1   904-2
    906-4    907-5     908-6
Bustrip Southern France, Dordogne-Lot:
Album 885 Rocamadour 1   886-2
Album 889 Rocamadour-Hospitalet
Album 896 France Dordogne-Lot 1  897-2
898-3   899-4   900-5   901-6   902-7
Trip Lüneburger Heide in Germany cities:
Album 870 Lüneburg 1    871-2
Album 872 Celle 1    873-2
Trip Germany's Frankenland - castles and art:
Album 830 Coburg Fortress 1    831-2
Album 839 Kronach Fortress Rosenberg 1    840-2
Album 841 Kronach Fortress Rosenberg Kunstgalerie 1
Album 842 Kronach Fortress Rosenberg Kunstgalerie 2
2015: trip Costa Blanca, Spain
Album 806 Costa Blanca Benidorm new
Album 807 Costa Blanca inland new 1 
808-2     809-3     810-4     811-5
Album 812 Costa Blanca coast new 1   813-2   814-3
Roundtrip Black Forest, Germany:
Album 789 Black Forest 1     790-2
791-3       792-4       793-5
Roundtrip through Czech Moravia:
Album 757 Czech Moravia trip 1   758-2   759-3
760-4   761-5   762-6   763-7   764-8   765-9   766-10
Album 774 Czech Moravia castle Bitov
Album 775 Czech Moravia castle Vranov Dyji 1  776-2
Album 777 Czech Moravia castle Bucovice 1   778-2
Album 779 Czech Moravia castle Pernstejn 1  780-2
Album 785 Czech Moravia castle Bouzov
Album 786 Czech Moravia castle Sternberk 1  787-2
Roundtrip island Rügen and 
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany:
Album 655 Rügen 1   656-2   657-3
Album 658 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Album 638 Dubrovnik 1       639-2
Album 628 roundtrip Croatia-Dalmatia 1    629-2
630-3     631-4     632-5     633-6
Costa de la Luz - del Sol:
Album 567 Costa de la Luz - del Sol 1    568-2
569-3     570-4
Fall trip Spanish Pyrenees-Aragon:
Album 539 Albarracín 1   540 - 2
Album 541 Teruel-Aragon
Album 542 Castillo de Loarre
Album 543 Daroca
Album 544 Spanish Pyrenees-Catalonia-Aragon 1
545 - 2   546 - 3   547 - 4   548 - 5
Album 549 Teruel 1   Album 550 Teruel 2
Album 567 Costa de la Luz-Costa del Sol
568-2     569-3    570-4
One week Germany-Heidelberg:
Album 513 Bad Wimpfen
Album 515 Heidelberg castle 1    516-2
Album 495 park Lütetsburg
Album 489 Schotland garden trip 1
490 - 2   491 - 3   492 - 4   493 - 5   494 - 6
Lanzarote in 6 albums:  see also landscapes
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany:
Album 463 the castle of Schwerin
Album 464 roundtrip Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 1     465-2      466-3 
Castle La Calahorra, Spain:
Album 327 Granada La Calahorra 1  Album 328-2
England-Scotland-Trip 1996:
Album 288     Album 289     Album 290
Album 291     Album 292     Album 293
Garden trip South-England 1999:
Album 295      Album 296      Album 297
albums 242 - 255 northeastern Bohemia
album 234 Trento, Italy, an impression
album 232 Verona, Italy, an impression 1   233-2
album 127 Sevilla 1     128-2
album 117 Algarve Portugal 2008 1     118-2
119-3     120-4     121- 5
album 084 Germany Main-Rhön 1   085-2
086-3     087-4     088- 5
album 072 Czech R. South Bohemia1
073-2     074-3     075-4     076-5     077-6
album 071 Czech R. Kutná Hora
album 070 Czech R. castle Karlstein
album 058 La Palma 2007  1     059- 2
060-3      061-4     062- 5
album 041 Benalmadena by night
album 040 Benalmadena
album 039 Antequera El Torcal
album 038 Guadix
album 036 Granada 1     037 Granada 2
album 035 Costa Tropical

Travel topics

          For me and my wife, travelling and being on holiday is not the same. 'Baking' on a beach is nothing for us. Travelling to the Costa Blanca, Benidorm, means renting a car and exploring the inland, enjoying the landscape and photographing the wild flora. No beach can offer this beauty!!
         Yet it is not so easy to make a tight scedule and division of the subjects. Is photographing of wild flowers a part of travelling. For me it is! The vulcans on La Palma, is it a matter of nature or travelling? Moreover, last years we travel a lot to Spain, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Andalusia and this year to La Palma, on of the Canary Islands.
          Quite often I am in the USA, most for Conventions of the American Rhododendron Society or travelling through the mountains looking for the native Azaleas there. And before the 'digital revelution' in Canada, the Rocky Mountins or Nova Scotia, making slides. That's why I have thousands of slides, sorted and ready to be scanned. This will be 'work' for next winter 2007\8.
          Churches will be a special subject  with a separate page and albums. Wildflowers of the Costa Blanca and La Palma you will find on the page 'plants' with connected albums and La Palma also at the topic 'nature'.
          For this year (2007)we have planned a trip to Czech and Prague again. And to the Greek island Lefkada (Lefkas). Deo Volente. 
          New. October 2007 5 albums of our trip to Germany, regions Mainfranken and Rhön.
          2008 we have been in the Algarve in Portugal. 3 Weeks in january with fine weather!! And not overrun by tourists. Beautiful inland and the Rio Guadiana. Interesting cities like Faro, Tavira, Lagos etc. Large beaches and beautiful rocks along the western shore!! We plan to go again, but then in March, because of the wildflowers.
Summer 2008 in the Bernese Oberland\Jungfrau Region in Switzerland - what a magnificant alpine landscape!!
See also: Alpine flowers of the Bernese Oberland with 14 albums
and: Albums Alpine landscapes Bernese Oberland in 3 albums
October 2008 - travel with me to the German Middle Ages, beautiful Rothenburg ob der Tauber, south of Würzburg:
NEW: Oregon USA trip May 2009
July 2009 we made a trip to the western Dolomites in Italy and visited the wonderful old city Verona - a report in 2 albums. See also the page about churches for the basilica San Zeno in Verona! Also an album about Trento in Italy.
NEW: September 2009 - Czech Republic - northeastern Bohemia in 14 continuing albums.
New: Rocky Mountains Canada in 8 albums - scanned slides.
New: South England trip 1996 - scanned slides.
New: Garden trip South-England 1999 in 3 albums - scanned slides
New: England-Scotland-Trip May 1996 in 6 albums - scanned slides
New: March 2010 southern Spain wit 8 albums churches\cathedrals  and castle la Calahorra.
And also the very interesting old Moorish fortress Alcazaba in Almeria City. Plus the amusing and interesting Wildwest shows of Mini Hollywood in Tabernas
Tenerife May-June 2010. A wonderful Canary Island. Landscapes, wildflowers, roundtrip and churches. 23 albums!!
New: June-July 2010 South Tyrol Dolomites  with 15 albums churches  and 13 albums landscapes
trip to southern Spain: Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol in 4 albums
NEW: June 2011: Spitsbergen-Svalbard   with 10 albums
New page: Churches and monasteries of Spain
October 2011 we made a one-week triop through Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a state in northeast Germany. See my travel report! See also the page 'Churches in Germany' for many churches there!
February 2012 - a trip through Lanzarote, the volcanic Canary Island.
May 2012 - a garden trip through Scotland with 6 albums. 
Spring 2012 - the fine Rhododendron Park of Lütetsburg in northern Germany.
Early Summer 2012 - just one week around the old romantic city of Heidelberg; see also churches and monasteries of Germany.
September-october 2012 - Fall trip through the Spanish Pyrenees of Catalonia and Aragon. Result: 20 albums of churches, also very old romanesque churches, and 12 albums of wild nature and old cities, like Albarracín, Daroca and Teruel. See links on the left side. See also: churches and monasteries of Spain.
New page:
May-June 2013 -
our trip to the southwest of the USA to visit the 'National Parks' like Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP and some beautiful State parks, like the very interesting 'Valley of Fire' in Nevada. 33 (!!) new Albums of natural excitement! See also the pages Landscapes and plants for wildflowers!!
September-october 2013 roundtrip Croatia-Dalmatia in 6 albums. See also churches of Croatia-Dalmatia

September 2014 roundtrip through Czech Moravia. Nowhere we can find so many old cities, castles and churches. Always very interesting. Ever heard heard of Znojmo? Or Mikulov or castle Pernstejn? Go through the albums and find out about them!!  Also churches, see: churches and monasteries 
All together 31 new albums.

April-May 2015 - a region in Germany called 'Frankenland' with cities like Würzburg, Bamberg Unesco-city; Bayreuth with Richard Wagner's music. Also the impressive fortresses of Coburg and Kronach. The latter with a magnificent art galery with medieval art. Look and see the beauty of Lucas Cranach, Tilman Riemenschneider etc. 

Now with the programm Jalbum with acces to Google Maps. To see where all of this beauty can be found!!

Early June 2015: bustrip to Southern France, region of the Dordogne and Lot. 

June-July 2015 a short trip to a region in Germany called 'Lüneburger Heide' south of Hamburg. With the interesting cities Celle and Lüneburg. 

And October 2015 a trip through the Southern Black Forest. Around the border to Switzerland. In 6 albums; plus 15 albums with churches in this region. With Google Earth-connection, to see where all of these beautiful things are. Result of 'modern technology'.

April-May 2016 trip through Roumania, the cities of Brasov and Sibiu.

February 2017 again to Portugal, Algarve and Alentejo with interesting medieval cities like Evora, Castelo de Vide, Moura, Monsaraz and Serpa.

June-Luly 2017 a week trip to the regions in Germany 'Sauerland' and 'Hessisches Bergland'. Cities with the famous panel-work houses. In 4 albums

September 2017 A trip through Northwest Spain in Navarra, Rioja, Cantabria, Castillia-Leon and Asturia.  With interesting coast and cilties.

November-December 2017 - A journey on the Canary Island Fuerteventura. Rough country, dry and hardly any agricultural culture. But yet interesting.

June 2018: a trip through northern France, Normandy and la Picardie with the famous cathedrals of Beauvais, Amiens and Rouen, see the jjpage of the churches.
And Brittany, the northeastern part of it. With also interesting cathedrals and churches, most of granit. But also the coastal line, which is so interesting. With steep cliffs and rocks. In June is it quite calm here, not too many tourists.
All together 19 albums to enjoy.

September-October 2018 I made a safari trip through Namibia. Deserts, coastlines, mountains and natural wildlilfe. With a safarli truck to see so much. A wonderful trip, also a flight over the Namib desert and of course a visit of 3 days to the Etosha National Park with the wild animals. Gamedrives to enjoy.
Together again 20 albums to enjoy. Also 3 albums with wildflowers.

September 2019 we were in France again, now the duchy of Burgund. With so many interesting old cities, and lovely landscape with wineries etc.
And churches, monasteries, abbeys and museums of art, amongst wich the famous "Musée des beaux-arts" in the capital Dijon. Just enjoy my photos of art....

The world will be destroyed by money.... and gready monsters...

New page: Spain
Spitzbergen with 10 Albums
Churches and monasteries of Spain
Churches of Germany
Churches and monasteries
Greece-Lefkada 2007
Indian Summer 2004

City-trip Spanien-Madrid

Oregon USA 2009

Czech Republic northeastern Bohemia 
Rocky Mountains Canada

South Tyrol Dolomites 2010

Tenerife 2010

Bow Lake in the Rocky Mountains, Canada

the medieval town hall of Frankenberg in Germany

Albarracin - a beautiful old idyllic city in the south of Aragon in Spain

Album 151 Bernese Oberland 2008 1   152- 2
Album 153 Bernese Oberland 2008 3   154- 4
Album 168 Rothenburg 2008 1   169-2  170- 3
Album 284 South England 1996 1   285- 2
Album 286 South England 1996 3   287- 4
Album 336 Tabernas Mini Hollywood 1   337- 2
Album 338 Almeria Alcazaba
National Parks southwest:
Album 598 National Parks USA southwest 1
Album 599 National Parks USA southwest 2
Album 600 National Parks USA southwest 3
Album 601 National Parks USA southwest 4
Album 602 National Parks USA southwest 5
Album 603 National Parks USA southwest 6
Album 604 Nationale Parks USA southwest 7
Album 588 Hovenweep National Monument
Portugal, Algarve and Alentejo:
Album 1071 Alentejo Castelo de Vide
Album 1072 Alentejo Marvao 1   1073-2
Album 1074 Alentejo Monsaraz 1   1075-2
Album 1076 Alentejo Moura
Album 1077 Alentejo Moura en Serpa
Canary Island Fuerteventura:
Album 1185 Fuerteventura trip 1  1186-2   1187-3


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